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JULY 28, 2014

Dueling Rulings on Obamacare Subsidies (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews breaks down with WGTK's Joe Elliott the “dueling rulings” issued regarding Obamacare subsidies, explaining the Halbig decision’s impact and why the Supremes could agree with the DC Circuit. 

JULY 23, 2014

The Halbig Decision's Impact on Obamacare and the Health Insurance Market (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews discusses the Halbig decision and its impact on Obamacare.

JULY 22, 2014

SoundByte: Supremes May Decide Who Rules in Obamacare Fight

Is it “the word of the law” or the “word of President Obama” that rules? Dr. Merrill Matthews says the Supreme Court may have to decide in the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act. 

JULY 9, 2014

Wind’s Future As Key Player in US Energy Likely Just Hot Air (IPI Podcast)

Wind energy faces several likely insurmountable challenges to becoming a dependable part of America’s energy portfolio.

JULY 8, 2014

SoundByte: Who's Responsible for the Flood of Illegals?

Who’s responsible for the flood of illegal immigrants across the border? 

JULY 8, 2014

Growing income inequality? There’s no "there" there. (Audio: Interview)

The left tries to make income inequality the hot button issue of the 2014 elections, but the government’s own key index clearly reports an altogether different story.

JULY 7, 2014

Merrill Matthews on Rush Limbaugh: We've Crossed the Tipping Point

Rush Limbaugh discusses Merrill Matthews’ Forbes op-ed, “We’ve Crossed The Tipping Point: Most Americans Now Receive Government Benefits.” 

JULY 3, 2014

Majority of Americans Now Receive Government Benefits (Audio: Interview)

In the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision, more employers may cancel employer-based health care coverage, plus with the millions of new enrollees in ACA exchanges or expanded Medicaid, we have finally reached the tipping point in which more than half the American public are receiving government benefits. 

JULY 1, 2014

SoundByte: Unintended Consequences from Hobby Lobby Decision

IPI's Merrill Matthews warns that the impact from the Hobby Lobby decision may cause more companies to dump employees into Obamacare exchanges. 

JUNE 26, 2014

SCOTUS Decisions on Aereo, Cell Phone Privacy, NLRB Appointments (IPI Podcast)

This week the Supremes ruled favorably not only for property rights and civil liberties, but also delivered a hefty bench slap on a White House power grab. 



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