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APRIL 18, 2014

Huge Questions About PCORI (Audio: Interview)

IPI's Merrill Matthews responds to major questions about an ObamaCare-funded project collecting millions of patient records. 

APRIL 17, 2014

Kiss Consistency Goodbye (Audio: Podcast)

Tom Giovanetti and Merrill Matthews discuss why the change in methodology by the census bureau will make it impossible to determine accurate results of Obamacare. And isn't it curious that this change takes place one month after the enrollment deadline?

APRIL 15, 2014

Tax Day 2014 (Audio: Interview)

Fair tax, flat tax, margins tax, gas tax, toll taxes…  IPI president Tom Giovanetti covers it all as he joins KSKY’s Mark Davis on Tax Day 2014 on 660 AM The Answer. Plus, you may be shocked to hear which taxes Tom says may not be so bad.

APRIL 14, 2014

Why Aren't Companies Protesting U.S. Giving Up Control of the Internet? (Audio: Interview)

IPI’s Tom Giovanetti discusses with Vicki McKenna the threat of how some of the world’s most repressive political regimes are one step closer to controlling the Internet, and why many U.S. companies surprisingly sound supportive of the idea. 

APRIL 9, 2014

Could Obamacare Eventually Incorporate Free Market Reforms? (Audio: Inverview)

Obamacare has morphed into something completely different than its creators envisioned. IPI's Merrill Matthews talks with KMED’s Bill Meyer.  

APRIL 8, 2014

Has ObamaCare Evolved Into a Deal We Could Embrace? (Audio: Interview)

Democrats are claiming the ObamaCare “marketplace” contains plans proponents of free market reforms always wanted, such as HSAs. What’s the truth? IPI’s Merrill Matthews cuts through the spin with Wisconsin talk host Vicki McKenna.

APRIL 8, 2014

Bloom Coming Off the Rose for ObamaCare Enrollees? (Audio: Interview)

IPI's Merrill Matthews discusses the latest numbers for the health care program with WGTK-Louisville's Joe Elliott, and how many who are enrolled may no longer see it as "affordable" as they once thought. 

MARCH 28, 2014

Ideal vs. Realities of Obamacare (Audio: Podcast)

It's been four years since the ACA was signed. Far from attaining his ideals, the president has had no choice but to inject some reality into the program by embracing free market proposals.

MARCH 27, 2014

Obamacare Delays, No Surprise (Audio: Interview)

Dr. Merrill Matthews sorts through the latest Obamacare extensions and "revisions" on the Janet Mefferd Show.

MARCH 22, 2014

Uncertainties of Obamacare (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews tells Chris Salcedo on the Blaze that as the March 31 deadline approaches there is only one thing that is certain about the president's plan--health care costs are rising.  



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