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APRIL 22, 2015

Texas’ HB 40 Reins in Local Tyranny (Audio: Interview)

A bill working through the Texas Legislature, HB 40, is a positive step toward making sure that rule of law, not majority tyranny, governs municipal rule-making. Tom Giovanetti discusses with 660 AM The Answer’s Mark Davis. 

APRIL 21, 2015

Virtually All Your Digital Life Is Subject To Warrantless Search, Seizure (Audio: Interview)

Updating the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act for the Internet Age shows Americans that Congress is not only sensitive to our privacy concerns but is willing to prioritize our Fourth Amendment protections. Tom Giovanetti discusses with Washington DC radio host Don Kroah of WAVA-FM.

APRIL 16, 2015

Congress Must Update ECPA for Digital Age (Audio: Interview)

In an interview with Wisconsin's Vicki McKenna, IPI president Tom Giovanetti discusses the critical need to update the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act for today's digital age to protect Americans' Fourth Amendment rights.

APRIL 9, 2015

IPI Podcasts: Texas Isn't As Free Market As It Thinks

What? You can't buy a Tesla directly from the manufacturer? You can't buy liquor from a publicly traded company? From liquor codes to car sales regulations, there are some nonsensical laws on the books in Texas that ought to be eliminated. 

APRIL 9, 2015

Administration Misled Federal Judge on Executive Amnesty (Audio: Interview)

While the White House is downplaying a federal judge’s decision Tuesday night to keep in place a hold on President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty order, IPI's Merrill Matthews said he’s not surprised by the latest ruling. In this interview with World News Group's Jim Henry, Matthews said the administration misled the judge about accepting amnesty applications before the hold order went into effect.

APRIL 8, 2015

Reining in Welfare Abuse in Texas (Audio: Interview)

In some states it's easier to get food stamps than a job. Merrill Matthews talks with Houston's KTRH morning host Matt Patrick about steps the state of Texas should take to rein in welfare fraud and abuse, and discusses which state program is the source of the biggest problems. 

MARCH 25, 2015

To Cut IRS, First Start Tax Reform

Ted Cruz famously called for abolishing the Internal Revenue Service in his announcement to run for president. Dr. Merrill Matthews discusses on WINA's Schilling Show whether eliminating the agency is possible, explaining that any kind of attempts to downsize the IRS must first start with downsizing the tax code. 

MARCH 25, 2015

Congress Must Prioritize Tax Reform (Audio: Interview)

Republicans are downsizing the IRS budget, but more even more could be done if it were not for the ridiculously complicated U.S. tax code. Tax reform and simplification needs to be one of Congress's top priorities, says Dr. Merrill Matthews on WAVA's Don Kroah Show. 

MARCH 25, 2015

Could IRS Be Downsized to Zero? (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews talks with KMED’s Bill Meyer about Ted Cruz’s candidacy for president, taking a close look at whether his pledge to abolish the IRS is realistic, even under a streamlined flat tax or national sales tax structure.


MARCH 24, 2015

Among White House Hopefuls, Is Tax Reform Just All Talk?

Even if a White House hopeful who campaigns on tax reform wins in 2016, what are the chances of real reform happening? Merrill Matthews discusses this with WGTK’s Joe Elliott.  




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