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Tom Giovanetti


Tom Giovanetti is president of the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI), a public policy research organization based in Dallas, Texas. Prior to joining IPI in 1992, Mr. Giovanetti was a freelance policy writer and the director of product development for a small manufacturing company in Dallas, where he designed several patented products and gained real-world experience in how taxes and regulations affect small business.

Mr. Giovanetti writes for IPI and for other publications on a wide variety of policy topics including tax reform, intellectual property, Social Security personal accounts, communications policy, Internet governance, education reform, the broadband revolution, and out-of-control government spending.  In addition to being published in leading papers including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Investor's Business Daily and The Dallas Morning News, he also appears regularly on a number of radio and television programs.

Mr. Giovanetti represents IPI many national and international organizations, including the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), where IPI is an accredited NGO. IPI was also accredited as an observer organization with the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), where he argued against UN involvement with Internet governance, and with the UN's Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Mr. Giovanetti also participated during meetings of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Intergovernmental Working Group on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property, and represents IPI as a stakeholder during trade agreement negotiations such as the current Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

In addition to his writing and speaking, Mr. Giovanetti also testifies before state and federal legislative committees on a variety of topics, and is primarily responsible for fundraising and development for the Institute for Policy Innovation.

Follow Tom on Twitter at @tgiovanetti

APRIL 9, 2014

Tax Code for a Modern Economy: Part One

Tom Giovanetti, Bartlett D. Cleland, Dorothy Coleman, Caroline Schellhas, James Pinkerton, Miguel Martinez^ Jr.

Tax Code for a Modern Economy featured a panel of experts representing several industries who discussed the need to design a tax code from the ground up—one that is investment friendly with greater simplicity and which will stimulate economic growth going forward into the 21st century.

MARCH 28, 2014

Ideal vs. Realities of Obamacare (Audio: Podcast)

It's been four years since the ACA was signed. Far from attaining his ideals, the president has had no choice but to inject some reality into the program by embracing free market proposals.

MARCH 21, 2014

Fans Should Be Free to Resell Tickets (Audio: Podcast)

Ticket purchasers should be free to resell tickets however and to whomever they like through secondary markets, without restriction by governments in collusion with primary sellers.

MARCH 15, 2014

Strong Protection of Intellectual Property Is Critical to Boosting U.S. Exports (Audio:Podcast)

In this discussion Merrill Matthews and Tom Giovanetti discuss the constitutional origins of intellectual property protection and why it is important for a strong economy today.

MARCH 5, 2014

Intellectual Property in the Trans-Pacific Partnership: National Interest or Corporate Handout?

Speaking at this Cato event, IPI President Tom Giovanetti defends the protection of intellectual proterty in the Trans Pacific Partnership.

FEBRUARY 28, 2014

Tax Reform Back on the Table...Finally! (Audio: Podcast)

The sweeping blueprint for fundamental reform of both business and personal federal taxation that Congressman Camp introduced this week is long overdue.

FEBRUARY 26, 2014

Why Raising the Minimum Wage is a Bad Idea (Audio: Interview)

IPI President Tom Giovanetti debates the idea of passing a national minimum wage increase on Wisconsin Public Radio's Joy Cardin Show.

FEBRUARY 16, 2014

Did Raising the Debt Ceiling Hurt Republican Elections Hopes?

Tom Giovanetti discusses the impact that raising the debt ceiling will have in the next election cycle and the dangers of the president's disregard for the constitution.

FEBRUARY 7, 2014

Why is Obama Stalling on Keystone?

Moving forward on Keystone XL may seem like a no-brainer, but the president continues to stall, much to the detriment of the economy as well as moderate Democrats in energy-producing states. 

JANUARY 31, 2014

Could the Obama MyRA Rectify Social Security Insecurity?

Giovanetti and Matthews discuss the only interesting policy idea made by President Obama in this year’s State of the Union. 

JANUARY 30, 2014

Could Obama's MyRA Be an Idea Conservatives Can Rally Behind?

The president's MyRA proposal, with a few tweaks, could be a winning bipartisan plan. 

JANUARY 24, 2014

SOTU 2014: Promise Zones or Potholes? (Audio: Podcast)

Giovanetti and Matthews offer a preview of what to expect the president to address in next week's State of the Union.

JANUARY 10, 2014

Lift the Crude Oil Export Ban, Jumpstart the Economy (Audio: Podcast)

Matthews and Giovanetti discuss the tremendous economic benefits to lifting the archaic ban. 

JANUARY 3, 2014

Grand Bargain or Grand Boondoggle? (Audio: Podcast)

IPI's Tom Giovanetti and Merrill Matthews discuss how raising the federal minimum wage harms the very people it's designed to help.

DECEMBER 12, 2013

Ryan's Budget Deal: A Ransom to Prevent Another Government Shutdown? (Audio: Podcast)

What's in the Ryan-Murray budget deal, and did Ryan compromise too soon on abandoning the sequester spending restraints? Did the government shutdown serve as the final indictment and poison the well for Republicans on future budget standoffs? And a look into the growing tensions between the GOP leadership and conservative groups. 


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