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FEBRUARY 16, 2014

Did Raising the Debt Ceiling Hurt Republican Elections Hopes?

Tom Giovanetti discusses the impact that raising the debt ceiling will have in the next election cycle and the dangers of the president's disregard for the constitution.

JANUARY 24, 2014

SOTU 2014: Promise Zones or Potholes? (Audio: Podcast)

Giovanetti and Matthews offer a preview of what to expect the president to address in next week's State of the Union.

JANUARY 3, 2014

Grand Bargain or Grand Boondoggle? (Audio: Podcast)

IPI's Tom Giovanetti and Merrill Matthews discuss how raising the federal minimum wage harms the very people it's designed to help.

DECEMBER 20, 2013

Effort to Reduce Income Inequality Helped or Harmed by Big Box Stores? (Audio: Interview)

What’s the impact of wage standards and workers’ benefits to taxpayers in relation to large employers, including Wal-Mart and Costco? Merrill Matthews on the Jan Mickelson Show, heard on WHO-AM in Des Moines.

DECEMBER 18, 2013

Pass the Bill to Find Out What’s In It, Like This Shocker About Medicaid (Audio: Interview)

You won’t believe what the fine print says in the Medicaid portion of Obamacare if you have outstanding Medicaid bills upon your death. Plus, the devastating effects of increasing the federal minimum wage on low-skilled workers. Merrill Matthews joins Wisconsin’s Vicki McKenna, heard on WIBA, WISN, and WEAU.

DECEMBER 18, 2013

Demonstrating Further Economic Stupidity with Minimum Wage Hike Proposals (Audio: Interview)

Nothing shuts down businesses or sends low-skilled workers back home to live with parents quite like raising the federal minimum wage to a new high, Merrill Matthews tells WINA’s Rob Schilling on the Schilling Show.

DECEMBER 17, 2013

How to Keep Low Skilled Workers Poor and Homeless: Raise the Minimum Wage (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews joins KMED’s Bill Meyer explaining basic economics and what the disastrous consequences of raising the minimum wage would be to income inequality.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

Discouraged Workers, Perverse Economic Incentives (Audio: Interview)

While recent wage decline and unemployment trends have dominated the headlines, ObamaCare mandates are causing increasing numbers of part-time workers. Merrill Matthews discusses with WGTK-Louisville's Joe Elliott how, when it comes to economic growth, the Obama administration just doesn't get it.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2013

Defunding ObamaCare: Past the Point of "No Return?" (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews joins national talk host Janet Mefferd to discuss the latest on the effort to defund ObamaCare. Plus, should Americans brace themselves for a government shutdown?

JUNE 24, 2013

North Carolina's Film Economy Threatened (Audio: Interview)

Tom Giovanetti warns WPTF's Doug Kellett how the Tarheel State's film economy could suffer if the legislature cuts the 2010 film tax credit.


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