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IPI Issues

The Institute for Policy Innovation has chosen to concentrate our efforts on these particular policy issues to educate policy makers and the American people, and to help affect change:

Economic Growth Icon

Economic Growth

Policies that promote genuine economic growth are needed to create opportunity for current and future generations. Instead of focusing on stimulus or austerity, or imposing counterproductive tax policy or overbearing regulations, U.S. economic policy should promote economic growth, which creates jobs, raises living standards and maintains global competitiveness.

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The U.S. possesses enormous natural energy resources and the technology to extract them in a responsible manner—if only federal and state regulators wouldn’t impose so many roadblocks. We believe embracing investment and innovation from the energy industry is the best way to meet U.S. energy needs while reducing dependence on foreign sources.

Entitlement Reform Icon

Entitlement Reform

Our federal government has unwisely made financial promises to Americans that it cannot possibly keep. The country needs specific, concrete solutions that would make Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid solvent and sustainable in the long run, embrace the private sector, and deliver superior benefits.

Health Care Icon

Health Care

The U.S. health care system is one of the most dysfunctional sectors of the economy, and President Obama’s health care law exacerbates, rather than solves, all of the current problems. Real health reform address the tax treatment of health insurance, reduce government mandates and embrace consumer driven health plans.

Intellectual Property Icon

Intellectual Property

The U.S. economy is heavily dependent on innovation and intellectual property; it’s the country’s most important product and export. That will only continue if creators—not just in the U.S., but around the world—have the right to own, control and prosper from the fruits of their creativity.

Tax Reform Icon

Tax Reform

Our current tax code is the signle biggest hindrance to increased economic growth. Reform is needed, both at the state and federal level, and there is widespread, bipartisan support for doing so. Tax reform’s chief goal should be to promote economic growth, which mean a tax system that is simple, transparent, neutral, territorial and competitive.

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American consumers bear the brunt of the protectionist impulse through higher prices on consumer goods, and American workers are best served when liberalized trade policies facilitate the export of American products throughout the world. Free and open trade is a win-win for both countries and workers.

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Technology & Communications

These industries are among the country’s most competitive and the biggest capital investors in the U.S. economy, driving economic growth and job creation. A primary reason is that government policies allow them to innovate, but the heavy hand of taxes and regulation always threaten to hamper that success.