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Asset Forfeiture is Overreach

Dallas Morning News

Re: "'It can't be legal. It can't be constitutional' -- Asset forfeiture is indeed tyranny -- and it must be stopped by the states," by Tom Giovanetti, March 3 Points.

Buried in the back of the Points section is this column of real significance about over-reaching government and property seizures. Persons acquitted of a crime still cannot get their property back? What country is this? 

Seems simple enough - if a site is common for crimes in the middle of the night when the owner cannot possibly be involved, the law enforcement knows exactly where the criminal is going to be. Go get them! But somehow the property and or location is blamed. That makes no sense. Regular folks are losing at the hands of those who are supposed to protect us -- and nobody seems to know or care.

Rich Rigsby, Wylie