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Can We Believe Officials Claiming They Made a Mistake Inflating Obamacare Coverage

The administration has repeatedly misled, fudged, concealed and even lied to the public about Obamacare. 


The U.S. Senate Voted to Oppose Freedom

Technology is a tool that can be used for good or evil, to empower the state or empower the people. We must choose continued individual liberty.



States Can Lead the Legal Fight Against Obama's Amnesty


Stopping the Wind PTC Zombie Apocalypse


What Obama Won't Tell You About U.S. Carbon Emissions


'Lame Duck' Internet Betrayal?

Feature Publication


How Two States Cut Medicaid and Saved Money

States are looking for ways to reduce their exploding Medicaid spending. Two states, Illinois and Pennsylvania, found a way to do just that: by examining their Medicaid and welfare rolls and removing people who don't belong.

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"No One Knows Why Obama Thinks He Has The Power To Do This"

Merrill Matthews talks with WFTL's Joyce Kaufman about the president’s amnesty plan, Jonathan Gruber’s inflammatory statements on the “stupidity of the American public”, as well as the president’s threats to veto legislation on the Keystone XL. 

Can President Obama Work with the Republican Congress on Trade?

Trade would be a welcome area of cooperation between President Obama and the new Republican Congress.

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MPAA Debuts

Putting the lie to the lack of copyright content available through exciting new digital distribution business models.

IPI Moves Headquarters to Las Colinas

The move provides a larger office with expanded facilities in which to engage the community as well as a more central location to connect with and serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 


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