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Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber Tells the Truth Then Tries to Deny It

A top Obama advisor is finally caught on tape telling the truth—and he immediately rushes to the press to deny it.


The Senate's Plan to Increase Your Taxes

Why would senators want to levy a large tax increase on their own citizens when times are already tough for too many? Good question.


Restoring Our Lost Liberty on the Internet


Will the Halbig Decision Create Chaos in the Health Insurance Market?


Halbig Decision Effectively Defunds Obamacare in Majority of States


The Undead Death Tax

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Challenges for Wind Energy's Future

The U.S. has spent billions of taxpayer dollars subsidizing wind energy. And while the industry is growing, it's expensive, unreliable and supplies only a small portion of the country's energy needs. Congress is backing away from its longtime support for wind subsidies, and given the growing availability of inexpensive fossil fuels for energy generation, that's the right move.

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SoundByte: Supremes May Decide Who Rules in Obamacare Fight

Is it “the word of the law” or the “word of President Obama” that rules? Dr. Merrill Matthews says the Supreme Court may have to decide in the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act. 

Shocking Reports Show Great Dangers of Counterfeit Goods

A shocking report comes today from the UK, in which counterfeit wine and liquor are flooding the market, containing dangerous chemicals such as methanol, chloroform, bleach, nail polish remover and anti-freeze. 

Giovanetti responds to negative spin on Aereo decision

Aereo ruling is a win for all players in the market, even the so-called "disrupters,"  because it’s a win for the rule of law.

Could This Man Be The Next USPTO Director?

The man who could be the next USPTO head joined IPI at our 2011 World Intellectual Property Day Forum and discussed the year's hottest topic in IP. Click here to watch.

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Giovanetti Tackles Net Neutrality, Internet Governance

IPI president Tom Giovanetti discusses net neutrality regulations as well as the latest on Internet governance issues on The McCuistion Program.


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