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New York Times: 14% Is Good Enough To Call Obamacare a Success

Most of us have long realized that the New York Times’ standards are low. But even we were a little surprised at what little it takes for the editors to call Obamacare a success.


Reforming Tax Reform Thinking

Comprehensive reform should be the goal, not necessarily one piece of comprehensive legislation.


Has the IRS Become a Threat to Our Constitutional Liberties?


Is Harry Reid a Human Shield for Obama?


Innovation: The Shape of Things To Come


You Buy It, You Own It. But What If You Leased It?

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Why Intellectual Property Should Be Included In Trade Agreements

IP goods are the largest share of U.S. exports and support a significant portion of the U.S. economy. The U.S. economy is increasingly dependent on the products of innovation, so policies that support innovation and creativity should be priorities for the U.S. government, especially in trade agreements. And nudging our trading partners toward greater respect for intellectual property rights also turns out to be in their best interests.

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Black Voters and Democrats' Failed Policies

One voting bloc should be rethinking their loyalties. 

Legal, Economic & Property Rights Arguments Against the Proposed Ban on Fracking in Denton (video)

Two videos outlining some of the main arguments against the proposed ban on fracking in the city of Denton, Texas.

More Misleading Hype about the IP Chapter of the TPP: Forbes' Katheryn Thayer

Cataloging the uninformed and just plain wrong reactions to the Wikileaked IP chapter of the TPP.

Ending Sugar Subsidies the Right (the Only?) Way

A global agreement is the best and maybe the only way to end U.S. sugar subsidies.

IPI Moves Headquarters to Las Colinas

The move provides a larger office with expanded facilities in which to engage the community as well as a more central location to connect with and serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 


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