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Deja 2000: Has the U.S. Been in a Technology Bubble That Just Burst?

The tech bubble of the late 1990s was fueled by an economy that embraced the optimism, so both fell hard and at the same time. The recent tech-stock sell off never got widespread economy buy-in because it's still struggling under President Obama's economic policies. That means the tech sell off is probably more a correction than a bubble that just burst.


One More Politically Damaging Part of Obamacare Gets Ignored

Democrats wrote, passed and praised Obamacare, including the legislation's cuts to seniors' Medicare Advantage program. But now that many of them are facing tough reelections, they asked the Obama administration to ignore the law and unilaterally postpone the cuts. The Obama administration responded by actually providing a spending increase.


The Impact of Tax Reform on Middle Market Business


Russia May Be an Energy Powerhouse, but It's an Economic Basket Case


Health Insurance Mandate's So Unpopular Democrats Are Accusing Republicans of Supporting It


Extend, Then Reform

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The Case for Permitting Crude Oil Exports

Since the 1970s, U.S. law has banned crude oil exports. But with new drilling techniques dramatically increasing U.S. oil production and the willingness of unfriendly countries to use oil and natural gas supplies as a foreign policy hammer, it's time to repeal that export ban.

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Four Years Later: Ideal vs. Realities of Obamacare

It's been four years since the ACA was signed. Far from attaining his ideals, the president has had no choice but to inject some reality into the program by embracing free market proposals.

Video of Tom Giovanetti Speaking on the U.S. Relinquishing Control of Internet Root Zone Functions

It's worth questioning the wisdom of the U.S. surrendering the core Internet functions to a yet-to-be-determined multistakeholder organization with yet-to-be-determined rules and procedures.

Sen. Mike Lee Agrees with IPI on Ending the Ex-Im Bank

Great piece in National Review today by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) on eliminating the Export-Import Bank.

Bigger Can Be Better; or Why the Comcast Merger is Probably Good for Time Warner Cable Customers

No, Senator Franken, there will not be less competition, since Comcast and TWC don't compete with each other now.

Matthews on Fox News: Obamacare "Fuzzy" Enrollment Numbers

IPI's Merrill Matthews explains on Fox News with Jim Angle that keeping individuals in the plan will be real challenge of the program.


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