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"King" Obama Decides to Raise Corporate Taxes and No One Can Stop Him

If a king wants to impose a huge new business tax he can just do it. And that’s what King Obama did with his just-announced change to overtime pay for salaried employees.


Should We Fret the Debt?

Greece is just one of a number of countries whose federal debt to GDP is very high. And if Washington were honest about the full extent of U.S. federal debt, the U.S. would likely be at the top of the list.


Betrayed Again! Four Takeaways From the Supreme Court's King v Burwell Decision


Court's Ruling Lets Public Decide On Obamacare Repeal & Replace


IPI Commends Congress For Passing Trade Promotion Authority


Let the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Fund Our Highways

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The Private Sector Can Reform Social Security's Disability Program

Social Security's disability program is in bad financial shape. A private sector reform, modeled after a program that's been around for nearly 35 years, would provide the disabled and survivors with better benefits while helping remove some of the strain from Social Security.

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What Now? Takeaways From King v Burwell

IPI's Merrill Matthews joins Wisconsin talk host Vicki McKenna to discuss the aftermath of the Supreme Court's King v Burwell decision, and what political solutions may be available for individuals and states needing relief from Obamacare's onerous mandates. 

Modernizing the Copyright Office

Are at least some of the complaints about the copyright system more matters of the limitations of the Copyright Office than they are limitations of copyright law?

Toward a Free Market Agriculture Policy

A new paper recommends the zero-for-zero approach for sugar policy.

An Important Supporting Argument for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement

And thus for trade promotion authority (TPA).

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