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PITFA Tremendous Victory for U.S. Internet Economy

The Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) commends the U.S. Senate for passing the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act (PITFA). "This is a tremendous victory for America’s Internet economy, and for all of us who participate in this economy," said IPI president Tom Giovanetti. 


Washington Must Act On Freeing Wireless Spectrum

Washington must ensure that spectrum is being freed-up and made available for use on a regular basis in order to keep the critical wireless economy going and growing. But we’re reaching the point where the largest, most inefficient holder of spectrum is in fact the federal government.


Our National Debt Is Trillions Of Dollars More Than You Think


Cut the Minimum Wage for the 1 Million Losing Food Stamps


Tax Succor or Sucker Punch


Comparing the Major Candidates' Tax Plans

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The Growing Support for an Article V Convention of the States

If you're fed up with the Washington stalemate, the best thing to do is get behind an Article V Convention of the States.

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Mission Creep: Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse

Under civil asset forfeiture, your property can be taken without a warrant or even without you being convicted of any wrongdoing and it’s become a horribly abusive system, says Tom Giovanetti on Upfront with Vicki McKenna. 

Giovanetti: Civil Asset Forfeiture Happening Around the U.S.

IPI president Tom Giovanetti discusses with Phil Cowan on Sacrmento’s 1380 AM – The Answer KTKZ how civil asset forfeiture has become a revenue stream for law enforcement, and if you’re simply suspected or accused of a crime, your property – not just evidence -- can be confiscated. 

Giovanetti Discusses Candidates' Tax Plans on WBAP's Chris Salcedo Show

Regarding Trump’s tax plan, Giovanetti admits, “As painful as it for me to say it, it is too big and too aggressive of a tax cut. It’s an outlier. There is no way to ‘pay for’ a tax cut that size

The Promise of Smart Cities

To realize the vision of smart cities, we need smart leaders in both the private and public sectors making smart decisions to let go of archaic thinking in order to unleash the potential of innovation.

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