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What's Behind Those Rising Health Insurance Premiums?

Defenders of the Affordable Care Act are boasting that health insurance premiums are not rising as much as some analysts predicted. They will. There are multiple factors, including politics, that drive health insurance premiums up—and down. The ACA increases both inefficiency and utilization, which will increase total health care spending and therefore health insurance premiums—just the opposite of what President Obama promised.

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The Legacy of Obama: Trying to Explain What He Doesn't Understand Himself?

President Obama says the reason for his delay in rolling out an immigration plan by executive order is so he can invest more time explaining it to the public. 

Some Things Are Worth Requiring Permission

Permissionless innovation is a popular catchphrase, but property rights are important enough to merit protection and thus require permission.

We're Flaring (Wasting) Shale Gas Because We Can't Export It

Glut prices for natural gas are an economic distortion caused by federal ban on export.

U.S. Energy Boom not about to Run Out

Innovation is making wells more productive than expected.

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Matthews on Fox with Bret Baier

What are the political implications of Texas Gov. Rick Perry's recent indictments? IPI's Merrill Matthews tells Fox News it may actually bolster Perry's presidential aspirations. 


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