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The 25% Obamacare Premium Increase Vastly Understates the Real Increase

Health insurance premiums are exploding, but they would be much higher had health insurers not taken a number of mostly unpopular steps to stem the increases.


Native Americans Condemn the Dakota Pipeline, the Law Doesn't

Raising concerns about threats to Indian historic sites is simply a tactic the Left is using to achieve its larger goal: ending the use of fossil fuels. It successfully employed similar tactics when fighting the Keystone XL pipeline.


ACA Premiums Explode, May Lead to Single-Payer Under Hillary Clinton


The Worm in Netflix's Apple


New Poll: Public Agrees the 'System Is Rigged'


Is Using Your Mobile Phone a Sin?

Feature Publication


Elements of a 21st Century Pro-Growth Immigration System

This paper suggests several new policies designed to create a reasonable, secure, functioning immigration system that is in the best interests of the United States. It further suggests a specific approach to dealing humanely and realistically with the current illegal population.

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Is This the End of the Internet As We Know It?

On KSKY 660AM, The Mark Davis Show, IPI President Tom Giovanetti explains the danger of relinquishing control of the internet to ICANN.

Larry Lessig: All "property" is imaginary

In which Larry Lessig reveals his true view of property rights.

Is the SEC's Money-Market Rulemaking Designed to Discriminate Against Private Sector Debt?

Maybe it's just coincidence, but recent Obama administration policies seem designed to benefit the federal government at the expense of the private sector.

So It Turns Out That Trade Agreements ARE in America's Best Interests

Donald Trump is wrong. Trade agreements do not make the US vulnerable to unfair foreign competition. In fact, it’s the trade agreements themselves that establish rules, penalties, and enforcement mechanisms so markets can function and the best producers succeed.

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