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The FDA Needs To Move Faster On Safe Drug Approval

There is a growing recognition that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is more of a threat to human safety than a protector of it.


Good News for Earth Day

There is good news this Earth Day, but somehow we expect that many people will grumble at the good news rather than celebrate.


If The Facts Don't Fit, Change The Facts


Justice Scalia Gets It Wrong: Millennials Should Have Already Revolted


It Is Time to Welcome All the Best and Brightest


Deja 2000: Has the U.S. Been in a Technology Bubble That Just Burst?

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The Case for Permitting Crude Oil Exports

Since the 1970s, U.S. law has banned crude oil exports. But with new drilling techniques dramatically increasing U.S. oil production and the willingness of unfriendly countries to use oil and natural gas supplies as a foreign policy hammer, it's time to repeal that export ban.

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Kiss Consistency Goodbye

Tom Giovanetti and Merrill Matthews discuss why the change in methodology by the census bureau will make it impossible to determine accurate results of Obamacare. And isn't it curious that this change takes place one month after the enrollment deadline?

Video of Tom Giovanetti Speaking on the U.S. Relinquishing Control of Internet Root Zone Functions

It's worth questioning the wisdom of the U.S. surrendering the core Internet functions to a yet-to-be-determined multistakeholder organization with yet-to-be-determined rules and procedures.

Sen. Mike Lee Agrees with IPI on Ending the Ex-Im Bank

Great piece in National Review today by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) on eliminating the Export-Import Bank.

Bigger Can Be Better; or Why the Comcast Merger is Probably Good for Time Warner Cable Customers

No, Senator Franken, there will not be less competition, since Comcast and TWC don't compete with each other now.

Matthews on Fox News: Obamacare "Fuzzy" Enrollment Numbers

IPI's Merrill Matthews explains on Fox News with Jim Angle that keeping individuals in the plan will be real challenge of the program.


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