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Obamacare Costing Taxpayers $10,000 Per Insured Person - And Counting

Health coverage was never so costly until President Obama decided to make it “affordable.”


Smelly Lockers: A True Story of Pirates

Pirates, mere thieves of artists and creators' inventions, have at the moment found a new place from which to operate.


Elements of a Republican Reform Agenda


India's Modi Can Boost Foreign Investment By Protecting IP


On the Wrong Side of Tax History


A Modern Miracle: Middle East Chaos, Yet Gas Prices Drop!

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Why Intellectual Property Should Be Included In Trade Agreements

IP goods are the largest share of U.S. exports and support a significant portion of the U.S. economy. The U.S. economy is increasingly dependent on the products of innovation, so policies that support innovation and creativity should be priorities for the U.S. government, especially in trade agreements. And nudging our trading partners toward greater respect for intellectual property rights also turns out to be in their best interests.

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Keys to U.S. Energy Independence

This week's podcast clarifies common misunderstandings and identifies key steps for the U.S. to take toward energy independence.

Grooveshark Found Guilty of Massive Copyright Infringement

Grooveshark found to be guilty of copyright infringement and destruction of evidence

IPI Meets with State Department Delegates from India

Online Piracy Is not Due to a Lack of Available Content

A new KPMG study shows that movies and TV shows are readily available to consumers in convenient, legal formats.

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Matthews on Fox with Bret Baier

What are the political implications of Texas Gov. Rick Perry's recent indictments? IPI's Merrill Matthews tells Fox News it may actually bolster Perry's presidential aspirations. 


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