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May 12, 2015

There's 'No Sugarcoating' Health Insurance Exchange Failures

There's no sugarcoating how badly many of the state Obamacare exchanges have failed, and the problems are only just beginning.

May 5, 2015

If the Trade Deal Fails Blame President Obama and His Legacy of Mistrust

President Obama's Trans Pacific Partnership agreement and Trade Promotion Authority legislation are in trouble, but it's less because of the merits of TPP and TPA and more because he can't be trusted to live by his promises.

April 28, 2015

Hillary Clinton Makes More in One Speech Than Most CEOs in a Year

History has seen a long list of political demagogues who talk about the evils of capitalism and helping the poor while living in the lap of luxury—and picking taxpayers’ pockets to stuff their own.

April 21, 2015

Big-Spending Republicans Haven't Learned Their Lesson Yet

Some big-spending Republicans want to break the agreed-to spending limits and their campaign promises to be fiscally prudent by increasing government spending. If they do, voters could boot them out of office, just like they did in 2006.

April 14, 2015

How the Food Stamp Program Is Like the U.S. Export-Import Bank

The U.S. Export-Import Bank is one of the best examples of cronyism: we fund other countries to buy our products. Well, that's similar to what we do with the farm bill and the food stamp program.

April 7, 2015

The Prescription Drug Act Works Well, and the President Can't Stand It

In Washington, nothing fails like success and nothing succeeds like failure. Just look at how some elected officials defend the worst health care law and criticize the best. 

March 31, 2015

There's a Huge Downside to Obama's Free Community College Proposal

by Andrew Parker

President Obama's proposal to make community college tuition free (i.e., taxpayer funded) could have a huge, negative financial impact on four-year colleges and universities.

March 24, 2015

When I Die, Let It Be in Canada--or Mexico, or Better Yet, Israel

The US has the fourth highest estate tax in the world, and Obama would like to expand it. You might try to avoid it by retiring in another country, or by backing a presidential who will eliminate—this time for good.

March 17, 2015

How About a Bold Plan for Reforming Social Security's Disability Program

If we are going to reform the Social Security disability insurance program, let's be bold and privatize it.

March 10, 2015

Obama Does to Student Loans What He Did to Health Care

President Obama is actively trying to get college students hooked on thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded loans, only to forgive much of that debt later. That's how you create government dependency, not fiscally responsible citizens.


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