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IPI Statement in Support of FCC Chairman Pai's C-Band Plan

Dallas: The Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI), a free-market public policy think tank in Dallas, commends Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai for his plan, released today, to repurpose the underused “C-band” spectrum for use with critical 5G wireless technologies.

“Today’s announced plans to convert most of the C-band spectrum to 5G use as part of Chairman Pai’s ‘5G FAST’ plan is a thoughtful way to address the very complex problem of maximizing spectrum for 5G use while still providing adequate spectrum for existing satellite users, and for covering the costs to satellite providers for replacement equipment and other costs,” said Tom Giovanetti, President of the Institute for Policy Innovation. “It respects the needs of satellite providers while ending the delay and controversy over C-band.”

“Rolling out 5G in a timely manner should be a national priority, and Chairman Pai and the FCC are exhibiting strong, thoughtful leadership for this major undertaking. The best possible means of achieving a globally competitive position for the U.S. in 5G technology is for the federal government, including the FCC, to provide necessary guidance and legal structures, while harnessing the powers of private investment and private sector innovation. Our model of free-enterprise, economic liberty, limited government and entrepreneurship will prove over the long-term to be a superior model of technological innovation than the government-centric model being used by our global competitors. It also signals to our trading partners that there are alternatives to falling under the dominance of technologies being sold by less-than-trustworthy, government-centric providers.”