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At IPI, our researchers and authors are experts oriented toward impact and results. We are constatnly engaged in aggressive marketing programs, always seeking opportunities to leverage our research, making it relevant and acessible to those who need it.

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IPI strives to explain complex policy issues in an understandable and readable format. That means hours of often painstaking research to analyze the data and determine how to present it in a reader-friendly way. We publish our findings through a variety of publications designed to meet the information needs of an inquisitive, yet time-constrained, public.

Our fastest and most accessible format is our Bytes series. Several times a week IPI experts explain cutting-edge issues in PolicyBytes, TaxBytes and TechBytes, which are sent to subscribers’ email box.

IPI’s Policy Reports are our longest format and are used for comprehensive discussions of a policy issue. By contrast, our IPI Ideas are concise, two-page publications that focus on a particular issue. In addition, IPI publishes Issue Briefs and Quick Studies, which are long enough to explore policy ideas and issues but short enough to get through quickly.

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In the News

IPI’s voice can be heard through a variety of traditional and social media. IPI experts’ opinion and analysis pieces are frequently published in the media, such as newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals and in online forums.

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Legislative Affairs

IPI experts are often called upon to testify before both state and federal legislatures and committees to provide valued input and insight, or submit regulatory filings to draw attention to a particular legislative issue.

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The world is no longer limited to print, and neither is IPI. You can hear or see IPI experts discuss the current policy issues on radio, television or over the Internet. Many of our policy briefings are available for you to view anytime by clicking here. And we even produce our own video clips.