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June 24, 2016

There Are Obamacare Alternatives and Millions Are Turning To Them

If you are ready to abandon Obamacare’s sinking ship, there are some options.

June 23, 2016

The Supreme Court Just Slapped Down Obama's Immigration Power Grab

Gee, so presidents have to follow the Constitution and work with Congress? They can’t just sit in the Oval Office and sign executive orders? Who knew?

June 22, 2016

Here's How Barack Obama Could Nullify An Indictment of Hillary Clinton

Could Obama pardon Clinton before she’s even charged with a crime? Absolutely.

June 20, 2016

Only Congress Can Stop FCC's Sweeping Regulation of the Internet

The FCC’s regulation of the Internet must be viewed as being in direct contravention of Congress’ deregulatory intent, and as the biggest U.S. re-regulation in decades.

June 17, 2016

With FCC Set-Top Box Overreach, Time Is Now For Congress to Rein in Agency

The FCC's new set-top box regulations do not address any problem, but would create a whole new set of problems by redesigning the wildly dynamic and innovative video industry according to the whims of Chairman Tom Wheeler, and it's time for Congress to rein in the rogue agency.

June 17, 2016

Here's the President Donald Trump Most Resembles

The former Republican president who Trump most resembles isn’t Reagan, but Herbert Hoover, who served from March 1929 to March 1933, when his reelection bid was defeated by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

June 16, 2016

House Rejection of Massie-Lofgren Amendment Undermines Citizens' Fourth Amendment Liberties

By rejecting the Massie-Lofgren amendment to the defense spending bill, the U.S. House of Representatives is undermining Americans’ Fourth Amendment protections.

June 16, 2016

Giovanetti Commends Reps. Massie, Lofgren For Effort to Guarantee Fourth Amendment Liberties

In a statement, IPI president Tom Giovanetti applauded Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) for a move to defend Americans’ Fourth Amendment protections by prohibiting warrantless backdoor searches and upholding robust encryption standards.

June 14, 2016

Brady Leads House Fight to Stop IRS Abuse and Protect Free Speech

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a Ways and Means Committee-led bill stopping the IRS from targeting donors to tax-exempt organizations. The measure, the Preventing IRS Abuse and Protecting Free Speech Act (H.R. 5053), passed 240-182.

June 14, 2016

How Obamacare Built A Socialist Wall To Keep People In

The Obama administration says too many people are choosing non-approved health insurance alternatives to Obamacare, which is a problem because socialism doesn’t work unless everyone is locked in the system and can’t escape.


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