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Invest in Liberty!

Our friends who share IPI's commitment to freedom and economic growth can invest in our work through a financial donation.  Our Giving Society aims to recognize those whose generosity helps us to achieve our shared goals.

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Giving Levels

Gratitude is part of our culture. Each giving level reflects annual, cumulative giving, just as our success will accumulate with your generosity. Please join us.

$250 and above

Young Professional

IPI welcomes young professionals in the early stages of their careers who want to invest in ideas and policy development that reflects their principles, and who would enjoy opportunities to network with peers and engage with policy makers and thought leaders.

$500 and above


Our Members make a commitment to IPI, and in addition to our appreciation, we commit to our Members complementary attendance at IPI's monthly luncheons in Dallas and a quarterly update on all of IPI's activities with our IPInsider newsletter.

$1,000 and above


Sponsors help underwrite IPI's policy education and advocacy, and in appreciation we are happy to underwrite their attendance to IPI events. IPI events connect our Sponsors with speakers who present on a range of relevant topics. Events provide networking opportunities, educate the public and further crucial policy discussions.

$2,500 and above


Those who support IPI at the Growth level help us grow our capacity to advocate for lower taxes, fewer regulations, and a smaller, less-intrusive government. Help us grow IPI in order to help us shrink government!

$5,000 and above


Our favorite projects involve teaching basic principles of constitutionally limited government to policy makers and elected officials but especially to students. Support at the Constitution level provides funding for student scholarships to IPI events as well as investing in policy projects with a longer time horizon.

$10,000 and above


Support at the Liberty level gives IPI the Liberty to pursue projects we might not otherwise be able to undertake. Liberty supporters would be the primary inspiration for these projects, and we emphasize the value of feedback from those who invest in IPI.

$20,000 and above

President's Circle

The President's Circle encompasses those, including our foundation and business\corporate supporters, who make an enormous difference to IPI and can count on close collaboration with IPI's president, Board of Directors, and staff.