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A Spectrum of Free-Market Success with Ajit Pai


2020 Ajit Pai Masthead

As the internet has transformed almost every area of life and become a critical part of the economy, communications policy has never been more important. In his four years as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Ajit Pai's free-market, limited government approach has driven a string of policy successes. From overturning the Obama administration’s heavy-handed internet regulations to freeing up mothballed, government-controlled spectrum, Chairman Pai’s policies have stimulated continued innovation and investment, helped to bridge the digital divide by furthering the broadband rollout, and encouraged US leadership in 5G wireless technology—all while enduring vicious personal attacks from left-wing activists and challenges from other federal departments.

Please join the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) on December 16 for a special Zoom policy discussion with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai as we look back on the successes of the past four years, and look forward to what still needs to be done to ensure US leadership in communications policy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020
 1:00 PM CENTRAL (2:00 PM Eastern)

For additional information or questions please contact
Addie Crimmins at or 512.787.8102