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A Tax Code for a Modern Economy



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The last major update of our tax code was almost 30 years ago, in 1986. Since then, both the U.S. and the world economies have changed dramatically. Yet U.S. companies still have to comply with a tax code that is outdated and that hinders job creation and global competitiveness.

House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp has released a sweeping blueprint for fundamental reform of both business and personal federal taxation. This is your chance to hear from a panel of tax experts on their reactions to the proposal and their prospects for reform.


Wednesday April 9, 2014
11:00 am to 12:30 am
B-340, Capitol Hill
Panel Discussion
Dorothy Coleman - National Association of Manufacturers
Caroline Schellhas - Pfizer
Miguel A. Martinez, Jr. - Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
James P. Pinkerton - RATE Coalition


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