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Broadband Expansion: What's the Government Role?


Broadband Expansion

Expanding affordable, high-speed internet access seems to have emerged as a key priority for states and localities in 2021. The driving factors are many including education and health care. With approximately 4% of the country without access to broadband and Congress spending billions of dollars on broadband what is needed to continue the expansion and what role will or should government play?

Join the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) on July 21st as we explore these issues with experts and thought leaders from both the policy world and the corporate world.

This discussion will be moderated by IPI Research Fellow Bartlett Cleland. Speakers will include:

  • Michael O’Rielly, Former Commissioner and Principal, MPORielly Consulting
  • Jeff Westling, Technology & Innovation Policy Fellow, R Street
  • Marc Paul, Vice President – Policy, Charter Communications
  • Andrea Castillo O'Sullivan, Director, Center for Technology and Innovation, James Madison Institute