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IPI's 11th Annual World IP Day Celebration


For over a decade the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) has sponsored the leading World IP Day event in Washington DC. Throughout these years IPI has helped foster the development of an ecosystem of World IP Day events sponsored by many organizations.

This year, several important but conflicting events have been scheduled on World IP Day—some very late in coming. In order to spare the IP-interested community (including many of our scheduled speakers) from being pulled in several directions, IPI has decided to set aside our event. We recommend that our World IP Day friends join us in attending the Copyright Office event from 10-12 AM, one of the USPTO events, either on Capitol Hill or at USPTO’s Alexandria offices, and the combined World IP Day reception at 5 PM in the Rayburn Building foyer.
IPI will be converting our previously planned World IP Day program into a series of smaller events beginning in May, and we hope you will join us for them. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change in plans, and we appreciate your interest in the work of the Institute for Policy Innovation.


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