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Software Patents: A Bridge for Trolls?


The U.S. patent system has recently attracted many skeptics and much criticism, but is that criticism warranted, and can any existing challenges be addressed by creating a stronger system overall? If there are "trolls," then to what extent are they enabled by software patents? Is software best protected under copyright as an expression, or under patent as an invention? Why are there more software patents now? And how do we address the challenges while protecting US innovation?

These are all critical questions, and their answers could fundamentally change our innovation future. Join us in advancing the conversation as to how to strengthen our patent system even while addressing some of it challenges.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Noon to 1:30 pm
Rayburn 2325, Capitol Hill

Speakers Include:

Gary Greenfield, CEO of multiple software companies, such as Avid, Merant, Peregrine and GXS

Bob Stoll, Former Commissioner of Patents, USPTO

Jon Potter,  President, App Developers Alliance

Register here:
This event is widely attended

For questions, please contact Erin Humiston: or (972) 874-5139

Complimentary lunch will be served


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