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Trumponomics: How and Why It's Working with Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore Mashtead

Please join the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) for a special summer event in Dallas with Stephen Moore, economic adviser to President Donald Trump.

Moore began his service to the president as a sernior economic adviser during the 2016 Presidential campaign, where he focused on tax reform, regulatory reform and energy policy. Moore is also a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Heritage Foundation Project for Economic Freedom and Opportunity, and a Senior Economic Analyst at CNN. 

Moore previously wrote on the economy and public policy for the Wall Street Journal, where he served as an editorial board member. During his career, Moore also helped create the Club for Growth and founded the Free Enterprise Fund. He served as a senior economist at the Congressional Joint Economic Committee, and as a senior economics fellow at the Cato Institute. He advised the National Economic Commission in 1987, and served as a research director for President Reagan's Commission on Privatization.



Belo Mansion
2101 Ross Avenue
Dallas, TX 75201


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