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2017 World IP Day Celebration


IP and Trade—What Now?

IPI President Tom Giovanetti welcomes U.S. International Trade Commissioner F. Scott Kieff to IPI’s 2017 World Intellectual Property Day Celebration.



Introduction of Director John Sandage

Senator Charles Grassley, Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee, welcomes WIPO Deputy Director General John Sandage.

A Message from WIPO—Innovation: Improving Lives

Deputy Director General, Patents and Technology Sector for the World Intellectual Property Organization John Sandage, speaks to the future of innovation on the global market.

The Importance of IP to the U.S. Economy

Frank Cullen, Executive Director for Domestic IP Policy, Global Intellectual Property Center, U.S. Chamber of Commerce discusses the economic impact of intellectual property.

Who is Making Money on Piracy?

Brad Buckles, Executive Vice President, Anti-Piracy, Recording Industry Association of America explains the many economic enterprises that rely on piracy.

Plundering Video: the Pirate Set-Top Box

David Green, Vice President, Public Policy, NBCUniversal, Inc. demonstrates the interface between technology and piracy.

Piracy and Malware, a Single Problem

Tom Galvin, Executive Director, Digital Citizens Alliance explains how piracy and malware are interrelated.

The Threat to Innovation from the U.N. High Level Panel on Access to Medicine

Stephen Ezell, Vice President, Global Innovation Policy, The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation speaks on the role of the United Nations in patent protection.

Can AI Be Patented?

Larissa Park, Partner, DLA Piper discusses artificial intelligence as it relates to patent protection.

The Supreme Court on Patents—Where Is it Going?

Dmitry Karshtedt, Associate Professor of Law, George Washington University Law School addresses legal issues of the intellectual property discussions.


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