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Fourth Annual Communications Summit

Creating the Future
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For this event the Institute for Policy Innovation brought together top policy makers, industry insiders and thought leaders representing a diverse range of views to discuss the future of and current issues facing wireless and broadband

Click on the link to view the video of each panel:

Com Summit Panel 1 small

Panel Spectrum: Innovation, Distribution, Allocation...Revenue?
Panelists: Tom Hazlet, Ph.D, Professor of Law and Economics, George Mason University
Charla Rath, Vice President, Wireless Policy Development, Verizon
Mark Stachiw, General Counsel, Secretary and Vice Chairman,
                         MetroPCS Communications, Inc.
Moderator: Tom Giovanetti, IPI

Com Summit Insiders

Insider Discussion Jobs, Innovation and Investment: Building Out Broadband, Economic Encouragement Required?
Panelists: Kevin Hassett, Ph.D., Sr. Fellow, Director of Economic Policy Studies,
                         American Enterprise Institute
Michael Mandel, Ph.D., Chief Economist, Progressive Policy Institute
Moderator: Merrill Matthews, Ph.D., Resident Scholar, IPI


Com Summit Panel 2
Panel Next Generation Television: The End of Commpetition or Finally a Free Market?
Panelists: Andrew Moylan, Vice President of Government Affairs, National Taxpayers Union
Jeffrey Eisenach, Ph.D., Managing Director, Navigant Economics


Com Summit Burton Keynote
Keynote Address: On the Ground Issues: The Future of the Cloud
Daniel Burton, Senior Vice President and GM, Global Public Sector,


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