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IPI's 9th Annual World IP Day Celebration


Multimedia Panel 1 

What's At Stake in the Aereo Case?

  • Geoff Manne, Founder and Executive Director of International Center for Law and Economics
  • Sandra Aistars, Chief Executive Officer, Copyright Alliance
  • Moderator: Bartlett Cleland, Resident Scholar of Tax and Innovation Policy, IPI

Multimedia Keynote Colarulli

Keeping Pace with the Knowledge Economy

  • Dana Robert Colarulli, Director, Office of Governmental Affairs, USPTO

Multimedia Panel 2 Zuck

How New Top Level Domains Affect Trademark Holders

  •  Jonathan Zuck, President of Association of Competitive Technology


 IP-Intensive Industries: The Majority of US Exports

Click here for the power point slides that supplement this presentation

  •  Tom Giovanetti, President, IPI

Panel 3

International Challenges and Opportunities for IPRs

  • Grant Aldonas, Senior Advisor, Global View Strategies
  • Stevan Mitchell, Principal, Globalview Strategies
  • Joe Damond, Senior Vice President for International Affairs, Biotechnology Industry Organization
  • Moderator: Steve Pinkos, American Continental Group

Final Panel Lowery

Challenges for Artists and Creators in Today's Digital Environment

  • David Lowery, Mathmatician, Writer, Musician, Producer and Entrepreneur
  • Moderator: Sandra Aistars, Copyright Alliance


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