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IPI's Sixth Annual World IP Day Forum

Intellectual Property: Protecting the Spark of Innovation
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James Pooley

Keynote Address
James Pooley, Deputy Director, World Intellectual Property Organization


Palmer, Singleton, Matthews

Panel: Traditional Knowledge: Sharing & Commercializing the Benefits of Innovation

Solveig Singleton, Adjunct Fellow, IPI
Mary Palmer,M.D., Chief Executive Officer, ToxEM,LLC
Moderator: Merrill Matthews, Senior Research Fellow, IPI




Panel: Development & Deployment of Clean Technology Through IP Protections

Chris Israel, Adjunct Fellow, IPI
Thaddeus Burns, Senior Counsel for IP and Trade, General Electric



Panel: Promoting Cultural Understanding & Economic Development through IP Partnerships and Entrepreneurship
Panelists: Jose W. Fernandez, Assistant Secretary of State--Economic, Energy and Busines Affiars
Peggy A. Bulger, Director, Library of Congress American Folklife Center
Randy Cohen, Vice President of Research and Policy, Americans for Arts
Moderator: Tom Giovanetti, President, IPI


Aistars, TenNapel, Keen

Panel: Insider's Discussion: Entrepreneurship
Panelists: Sandra Aistars, Executive Director, Copyright Alliance
Doug TenNapel, Novelist, Illustrator, Animator and Writer
Moderator: Andrew Keen, Entrepreneur, Arts+Labs



Thoughts from ICE 
Erik R. Barnett, Assistant Deputy Director, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement


Wadsworth, Zuck, Johnson, Tepp

Panel: Hot Topics in IP
Panelists: Philip Johnson, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Johnson & Johnson
Steve Tepp, Senior Director, Internet Counterfeiting and Piracy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Intellectual Property Center
Jonathan Zuck, President, Association for Competitive Technology
Phil Wadsworth, Vice President, Qualcomm


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