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Mark Davis: Election 2012, Social Media & More

IPI Speaker Series

Talk show host and columnist Mark Davis addressed a packed room at the Intercontinental Hotel in Addison on April 11 to discuss recent developments in the 2012 election and how new media is impacting the political process.

Davis noted that since the departure of GOP hopeful Rick Santorum from the race, all eyes now look toward Mitt Romney’s campaign, who he might tap to share the ticket, and his expectation for Romney to “pleasantly surprise” conservatives in the race for the White House.

“What Romney has going for him is the most frightening president in any of our lifetimes,” said Davis. “As important as ObamaCare is, there are even more problems Americans are upset about, such as unrestrained spending,” he said.

Davis also discussed the role new media will play in the campaign, noting that radio stations aren’t simply radio broadcasts anymore, nor are major metropolitan daily newspapers just print newspapers. “All media is driving content among multiple formats,” said Davis, and the push is for content to appear online through blogs, video and more. But even as viewership declines for the major network primetime newscasts, and as the mainstream media’s influence shrinks, it never will disappear or become irrelevant, he said.


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