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Reclaiming Liberty with Newt Gingrich

IPI Annual Dinner

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich delivered a powerful message to a packed room regarding the winning strategies needed to grow the economy and boost job creation at the “Reclaiming Liberty” dinner, a benefit for the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI). 

Providing his insights on what steps the new majority should take in January, Speaker Gingrich urged conservatives to embrace a replacement strategy as they address the economic challenges, record deficits, shortage of jobs and the many problems created by President Obama’s health care reform legislation. 

“Rejection is an inadequate strategy,” said Gingrich. “We have to replace the policies, systems and institutions that reflect the heart of Americans.” 

“We thought these bad ideas were defeated in the 70s,” said IPI president Tom Giovanetti, who testified to IPI’s tireless work since its founding in 1987 to provide public policy solutions from a consistent philosophy of individual liberty, smaller government, lower taxes and fewer regulations. 

Giovanetti said he looked forward to continuing IPI’s important mission and working with state and federal legislators to give them the right policy ammunition to restore economic investment, innovation and prosperity.  

Serving as Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Mark Davis, WBAP talk radio host and columnist for The Dallas Morning News.  

Among those in attendance were U.S. Representatives Kay Granger, Joe Barton, Michael Burgess, Louie Gohmert, and Pete Sessions, as well as Texas state representatives Dan Flynn, Phil King, Jerry Madden, Ken Paxton, state representative-elect Kenneth Sheets and Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael L. Williams. 

Also among those featured in the program were Janine Turner, actress, author, activist and co-founder of Constituting America, as well as Rev. James Robison, founder and president of LIFE Outreach International and host of LIFE Today.


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