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October 10, 2017

Coalition Letter in Support of Tax Reform Legislation


October 10, 2017  

The Honorable John Katko
1620 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515 


Dear Congressman Katko, 

We write in support of meaningful, transformational tax reform legislation that will strengthen economic growth and enable greater prosperity for American workers, families, and job creators. 

Recent polling shows Americans overwhelmingly support passing comprehensive tax reform, with 73% of Americans saying it should be an important priority for Congress. Additionally, Americans consider lowering middle-class tax rates as the most important reform. With a loud and clear mandate, now is the time to act. 

Congress has a historic opportunity to give Americans the simpler, fairer tax code they deserve and for too long have been denied. We commend the unified framework put forth by the White House and congressional leaders, including Speaker Ryan, Leader McConnell, Chairman Brady, and Chairman Hatch. It’s past time to give tax relief to American middle-class wage earners and allow job creators to compete. We support this framework because it: 

  • Levels the playing field, allowing American job creators to keep up with foreign competition
  • Incentivizes local investment, creating new, good-paying jobs
  • Raises wages, allowing workers to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks 

As Congress moves forward with these principles in hand, know that the conservative movement, and millions of Americans across the country, support your prioritization of pro-growth tax reform. 


Advance Arkansas Institute
Alabama Policy Institute
ALEC Action
America Rising Squared
American Action Network
American Commitment
Center for Freedom and Prosperity
Center for Individual Freedom
Citizen Outreach
Citizens United
Council for Citizens Against Government Waste
Crossroads GPS
Faith and Freedom Coalition
Family Business Coalition
Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Hispanic Leadership Fund
Independent Women's Forum
Independent Women's Voice
Institute for Policy Innovation
Log Cabin Republicans
Middle-Class Growth Initiative
National Black Chamber of Commerce
National Tax Limitation Committee
National Taxpayers Union
One Nation
Rio Grande Foundation
Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
Taxpayers Protection Alliance
Tea Party Nation
Tea Party Patriots
The James Madison Institute
United For Missouri
60 Plus Association


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