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March 1, 1999

Putting Social Security in Your Hands

Articles include "Putting Social Security in Your Hands," "Privatizing Social Security is Better for Everyone," "Spending Spree Shrinks the Surplus," "Ending Corporate Welfare as We Know It," and "Time to Bury the Estate Tax."

November 1, 1998

Congress' UpHill Challenge

Articles include "Congress' UpHill Challenge," "RIP: The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1998," "Paygo: A Rule Made to Be Broken," "Divorcing the Marriage Penalty," and "Despite Balanced Budget, Signs of Trouble." Facts on the Growth of Government: The Coming Social Security Crisis.

May 1, 1998

Will Taxpayers be Last in Line for Budget Surpluses?

Articles include "Will Taxpayers be Last in Line for Budget Surpluses?", The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT): A Ticking Time Bomb Aimed at the Middle Class," "The Golden Rules for Making a Million," and "Getting Hit from Both Sides: Adjusting CPI Downward Cuts Entitlements and Raises Taxes."

October 1, 1997

IPI Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Articles include cover story celebrating IPI's Tenth Anniversary Banquet featuring Steve Forbes and Dr. Walter Williams. Dr. Williams' transcript is included as a newsletter article. Other articles: "Balancing the Budget--But at What Cost?" and "The Unmaking of the Constitution." Facts on the Growth of Government: The Balanced Budget: Not Necessarily Good News.

July 1, 1997

The House Tax Package: A Good Deal?

Articles include "The House Tax Package: A Good Deal?", "Fairy Tales: Fact and Fiction About Kids' Health Care", and "A Tax Deduction for Payroll Taxes." Facts on the Growth of Government: How Deregulation Creates Jobs.


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