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Thomas A Giovanetti

February 19, 2006

WIPO's new development agenda discussions begin Monday

WIPO's new development agenda discussions begin Monday (Feb. 20), and will run through Friday (Feb. 24). And IPI will be there as an accredited observer organization, and I'll be blogging live when ...

January 30, 2006

Copyright is a "progenitor of development"

A week or so ago this article appeared in the Vanguard, a paper in Nigeria. At places the English is a little stilted, but the message comes through that at least some people in Nigeria understand ...

January 13, 2006

IPI event on traditional knowledge

IPI is hosting an event in DC on Wednesday on traditional knowledge protection, databases, etc. Here is a link to the invitation. ...

January 5, 2006

New Release from IPI: Will Congress Circumvent Copyright Protection?

Today, the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) has released a new IPI Ideas publication by Dr. Richard Epstein entitled "Will Congress Circumvent the DMCA?" It is a critical evaluation of H.R. ...

January 3, 2006

WIPO PCDA committee to meet in February

The new WIPO committee formed to deal with the issue of a proposed development agenda will have its first meeting in Geneva on February 20-24, 2006. The invitation refers to the committee as th ...

January 3, 2006

India implements a traditional knowledge database

According to this AP story, India is implementing a database of traditional knowledge. This is actually extremely important, despite the fact that it will be glossed over by many who pay attentio ...

December 14, 2005

WIPO claims exoneration of claims of corruption

Here's some breaking WIPO news: After months of whispers about financial scandal at WIPO, a press release from WIPO claims that the E&Y audit has not found any wrongdoing. Of course, this W ...

November 29, 2005

WTO extends deadline for poor countries to implement TRIPS by seven years

In advance of December's much-anticipated WTO ministerial meeting in Hong Kong, the WTO has given least developed countries (LDCs) an additional seven years to bring their national IP laws into com ...

November 15, 2005

WSIS-related links over at GioBlog

Since it isn't really an IP issue, I'm not posting here on Internet governance and WSIS issues. But since I've been somewhat involved in the process, and have thus been writing and doing interviews ...

November 14, 2005

Kieren McCarthy is blogging from WSIS

Here's an additional resource on what is going on in Tunis. Reporter Kieren McCarthy is blogging from there, and he's an interesting writer. ...

November 10, 2005

E&Y find that pharmaceutical companies are cautious about investing in China and India

We're all aware of the incredible competition to the U.S. economy posed by China and India. These countries benefit from not only low labor costs but also boast an educated workforce, which is a po ...

November 10, 2005

New "study" on the economic value of intellectual property

There's a new paper out from a group called USA for Innovation on the economic value of intellectual property (PDF). It's mostly a survey of other studies on the subject, and so doesn't really ...

October 25, 2005

IPI op/ed in the Financial Times on IP and WTO debate

Today, IPI has an op/ed in the Financial Times that addresses some of the issues we've been talking about in this blog about the relationship between agriculture subsidies and IP-retribution. It's ...

October 17, 2005

Clinching the relationship between trade and IP woes

I have argued in several different venues lately that much of the trouble we're having on international IP issues is driven by resentment over U.S. and E.U. agriculture policy. No, I'm not saying ...

October 5, 2005

New IPI publication on IP and human rights

During the just-concluded WIPO General Assemblies, the Institute for Policy Innovation (the sponsor of this blog) released a new 2-page publication called Intellectual Property Rights and Human Rig ...


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