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Health Care

OCTOBER 20, 2015

An Affordable Health Care Alternative In The Age Of Obamacare (Audio: Interview)

IPI's Dr. Merrill Matthews tells WINA's Rob Schilling a way to escape Obamacare's onerous mandates and still acquire quality health care. 

OCTOBER 20, 2015

The Push To Embrace Physician-Assisted Suicide (Audio: Interview)

Will embracing physician-assisted suicide change the culture of medicine and the doctor-patient relationship, as well as undermine the country’s longstanding value for the sanctity of life?  IPI's Dr. Merrill Matthews discusses with WAVA's Don Kroah.

AUGUST 5, 2015

Merrill Matthews: My Wife Just Lost Her Obamacare Coverage (Audio: Interview)

IPI's Merrill Matthews, Ph.D. discusses on the Bill Meyer Show how Obamacare's harsh realities have impacted him personally, as his wife becomes one of the 367,000 Texans who are having their health insurance coverage eliminated because the insurer lost $400 million on that group in 2014.

AUGUST 4, 2015

Nearly 400,000 Texans Are Losing Their Obamacare Coverage (Audio: Interview)

Another Obamacare casualty. Dr. Merrill Matthews discusses on the Lars Larson Show how his wife is one of 367,000 Texans having their Obamacare coverage cancelled  by Blue Cross Blue Shield. And as premiums rise, cancellations will continue and doctor networks get even narrower.

JULY 14, 2015

Is Medicare-for-All Better Than Obamacare? (Audio: Interview)

If Republicans are unable to repeal or somehow bypass Obamacare, conservatives may eventually decide that a single-payer system—such as expanding Medicare to everyone—would be better than the Obamacare status quo. Merrill Matthews talks with WGTK’s Joe Elliott. 

JUNE 26, 2015

Hope for Jeb Bush? (Audio: Interview)

He may be the best of the Bushes and even win the Republican presidential nomination, but Jeb Bush doesn’t excite the conservative base like other candidates. Plus, Matthews explains why fast-track trade authority is a good thing and will allow Congress to give an up or down vote on trade partnerships. 

JUNE 25, 2015

Silver Lining? Hope For Those Disappointed in King v Burwell Ruling (Audio: Interview)

While many were disappointed in the Supreme Court’s ruling for King v Burwell, IPI’s Merrill Matthews tells Point of View’s Kerby Anderson that the best solution has always been for Congress to either repeal or bypass Obamacare, rather than have a panel of justices undermine the law. And if the federal subsidies had been struck down, the Republicans did not have a strategy for a King win.  

JUNE 25, 2015

What Now? Takeaways From King v Burwell (Audio: Interview)

IPI's Merrill Matthews joins Wisconsin talk host Vicki McKenna to discuss the aftermath of the Supreme Court's King v Burwell decision, and what political solutions may be available for individuals and states needing relief from Obamacare's onerous mandates. 

JUNE 18, 2015

The Impact of a King Win On Health Care Stocks (Audio: Interview)

Obamacare has been a boon to the health care industry, but a Supreme Court decision favoring King could send health care stocks into a tailspin.

MAY 19, 2015

Two Things That Hurt: New CAFE Standards and the Obamacare Health Exchanges (Audio: Interview)

There's no sugarcoating how badly many of the state Obamacare exchanges have failed, and the problems are only just beginning, says IPI's Merrill Matthews in this interview with Washington DC radio host Don Kroah. Plus, a new draconian CAFE standard will only mean more high-priced, unsafe cars for US motorists. 


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