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Expanding Broadband in Texas the Right Way

The low-hanging fruit for expanding broadband access is clearing away barriers to deployment. With HB 1505, Texas has taken some significant steps to extend broadband access to the approximately 4 percent of Texans who lack it. Other states should follow the example.


A Major Tax Scandal

The scandal in the ProPublica tax disclosure story is ProPublica’s illegal disclosure of personal tax information, not the wealthy’s legal compliance with the tax code as designed by Congress.


Have Gun, Will Vote

More women and minorities are becoming first-time gun owners, which should worry Democratic politicians since gun owners tend to vote more Republican. 


All This for 1.8 Percent Growth?

So what the Biden administration is proposing is a gargantuan expansion of federal spending and borrowing, which will explode the deficit, further bloat the national debt, and run the risk of monetary inflation, all in order to achieve a rate of economic growth that is lower than that of the previous administration.

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