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Ride Sharing Is Win-Win-Win For Passengers, Drivers And Cities

Austinites have the opportunity to overturn the city’s mistake and begin unraveling Austin’s protection racket with the taxi industry with Proposition 1.


The Social and Political Cost of Slow Economic Growth

The American people are blaming other countries and other people for a slow-growth wound that is self-inflicted.


The Obama Administration Has A Boneheaded Plan To Put Convicts Back To Work


Communist China Shows the U.S. How to Spur Economic Growth


Under Obamacare, Government Is About To Start Dictating The Care You Receive


The Obama Administration Reneges On Offshore Drilling

Feature Publication


A Picture of the Obama Economy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, so is a graph. We have compiled several graphs that convey a picture of the Obama economy, and it isn't pretty.

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Road to the White House & Obamacare's Future

Dr. Merrill Matthews joins WAVA’s Don Kroah live in-studio in Washington DC to discuss the presidential candidates’ health care plans, Obamacare’s future, and what to make of Ted Cruz’s VP pick. 

Why Did You Vote for Donald Trump?

A speculative dialog with a typical Trump voter.

New Xfinity TV App Demonstrates Irrelevance of FCC's "AllVid" Rulemaking

While the video industry innovates through apps, the FCC races to regulate the set-top box.

Trump's Drug Reimportation Scheme Would Open Americans to Huge Risks

“Trump would expose Americans to danger thru large scale reimportation of prescription drugs from overseas,” warned IPI president Tom Giovanetti.

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