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Comparing Welfare Reform's Success to Obamacare's Failure

There are lessons to be learned by comparing welfare reform's 20-year success story with Obamacare's five years of failure. For example, bipartisanship. 


Game Over: The Stock Market Delivers A Big Fat No To Obamacare Exchanges

The major health insurers that are finally pulling back from Obamacare have seen a 15% to 20% decline in their stock prices since the middle of last year, while the one insurer that signaled last year it was getting out has climbed about 15%.


If Obamacare Is So Bad That You Can't Get Insurance, Do You Still Have To Pay The Fine?


Surprise! Medicaid Expansion Cost Much More than Projected


Three Cheers for Donald Trump's Tax Plan


The Constitution Catches Up With Chairman Wheeler

Feature Publication


A Picture of the Obama Economy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, so is a graph. We have compiled several graphs that convey a picture of the Obama economy, and it isn't pretty.

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IPI Podcast: Internet Taxes and the Nexus Standard

The MFA and other Internet sales tax formulations would massively expand government power and burden small and medium-sized retailers with new tax-collection burdens. IPI’s Bartlett Cleland defines economic nexus and explains why the standard is so important. 

When Academics Try to Silence Debate

Weakening copyright is a major issue with the FCC's set-top box proposal. That's a bug, but some IP skeptic academics think it's a feature

Some Internet Language We'd Like to See in the GOP Platform

Language that would make clear the GOP is not in favor of expanding government's power to regulate and tax the Internet.

The Moral and Logical Vacuity of the Anti-Patent Crowd

In which Priti and I-MAK embarrass themselves.

Classic Research

Puerto Rico: A History of Economic Problems

Puerto Rico's financial crisis and impending bankruptcy is at the forefront of policy news. This 2003 paper from IPI accurately forecasted economic problems for the territory and suggested a number of pro-growth economic reforms, which should still be implemented as part of the debt solution.


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