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IPI Policies on Privacy, Security, "Spam", Confidentiality and Frequency

If you are on an IPI email list, we obtained your address as follows:
You gave us your email address voluntarily, though,, or in the course of email correspondence,
Your email address is a public, published address on your company's website or in a published directory, such as a directory of government affairs contacts or a media directory.
We do not purchase email lists.

IPI will never give, transfer, lease, sell, or otherwise distribute the email addresses (or other contact information, for that matter) to any other parties.

IPI maintains several topical email lists for the purpose of the occasional distribution of information such as announcements of new IPI publications or IPI events. Our email lists are maintained manually for quality control. Individuals can neither add themselves to nor remove themselves automatically from an IPI email list.

If you wish to be added to or deleted from an IPI email list, you must respond to the sender and express your wishes. If you say "take me off this list," you will be removed only from that particular list, and will remain on other IPI email lists. If you wish to be removed from all email lists, you must specifically instruct us to remove you from all IPI email lists.

IPI broadcast emails are done in such a way that there is no list of email addresses visible to recipients.

IPI does not spam, and we resent any implication to the contrary. As stated above, we obtain email addresses in an above-board manner, and we maintain our lists manually. If you do not wish to receive our email, tell us, and we'll take you off the lists. Reporting IPI to any party as a "spammer" is malicious, damaging, and wrong.

IPI will make every effort to send broadcast email at reasonable intervals, and to not fill your email box with unwanted email. In general, we will send broadcast emails no more frequently than once per week.

IPI email lists and contact information are maintained in an encrypted, password-protected database for your protection. It is not available over the Web. It cannot be copied to removeable media by unauthorized employees. Access to the database is tightly controlled.

Your contributions to IPI are confidential to the extent allowed us by law. IRS regulations require the disclosure to the IRS of certain large contributions. While IPI is required to make public our IRS form 990 and most attachments, those attachments containing specific donor information are NOT available to the public. If somehow these attachments become public, they become public through IRS error and violation of their own IRS regulations, not through IPI disclosure.