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Attack of the Killer Taxes

It’s that time of year again!
When horrible monstrosities emerge in the dead of a Washington night looking for productive people to attack and drain them of the fruits of their labor.
These monstrosities can take on multiple and divergent forms, because their creators are very creative, but they all share the same goal.
President Biden hopes that by the end of this week we will all know what that tax monster—or monsters—will look like.
Democrats have been working overtime to make the deadline, gathering tax parts from several tax-writing bodies in order to craft their monster.
The tax monster won’t be pretty, but then neither was making it.
Many people—mostly conservatives and Republicans—are warning the monster makers not to create this new beast because it can never be killed. Democrats responded that that was exactly what they hoped.
Their latest creation seeks out billionaires. But, of course, those are the people best able to find ways to defend themselves against the tax monster. So it will likely have few victims—or revenues.
In addition, monsters are hard to constrain. They often go off attacking people they were never supposed to attack—including some of their own makers.
The good news is that progressives’ dream of creating multiple, ravenous tax monsters to roam the country—and your bank account—seeking helpless victims to attack is probably dead for now.  Their monster, if Democrats can bring it to life at all, will likely be much less vicious.
The bad news is that less-vicious tax monsters often grow into more-vicious tax monsters. And dead tax monsters never stay dead for long.