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George A. Pieler

May 30, 2018

Give Wayfair (and Americans) A Fair Break on Taxes

If South Dakota wins, all of us may confront tax demands from states and localities we've never visited and have nothing to do with.

July 25, 2008

New York: Double Dealing on Retail Taxes and are suing New York to keep their customers (and themselves) free of New York State sales tax. While tax collectors have shown great imagination in finding new ways to milk the Internet for new revenues, New York is one of few states trying to impose sales tax directly on online purchases.

December 20, 2007

Principles and Suggestions for the Review of Insurance Regulation

The problems of insurance industry regulation merit the review currently underway at the Treasury Department. The review should concentrate on identifying the most critical problems these industries face as a consequence of government action (or inaction), and target a few discrete initiatives, such as regulatory competition, that should set the political process on a straight road to reducing those problems.

June 8, 2007

Insuring Against Regulatory Catastrophe: Compound, or Compact?

Natural disasters exposed serious flaws in the way we manage risk, including bread-and-butter items like homeowner's insurance. Regulatory power split between the states and Washington poses a challenge to reforming insurance regulation for the benefit of consumers and the US as global competitor.

Increasing competition among regulators is a promising idea, and one approach is an optional federal charter that would let insurers register with Washington rather than the state capitol. Another approach being tried out is for forward-looking states to contract with each other and regulate for economic efficiency and consumer welfare, not political grandstanding. These two ideas could also interact in a very productive way, and will get careful scrutiny in the months ahead.

February 12, 2002

Education Tax Credits: Great Idea, But Do It Right

Education tax credits can open doors for parents and children who aren’t satisfied with their government school. But they work best when they’re flexible and free from excessive government regulation. President Bush can promote education freedom through tax policy, using federal tax breaks that reinforce state innovations like scholarship tax credits and tuition write-offs.

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