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Robert Goldberg

December 1, 1997

David Kessler's Legacy at the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after David Kessler is a much more powerful bureaucracy with more intrusive control over the medical industry than ever before. Author Dr. Robert Goldberg quotes Dr. essler's own writing: 'If members of our society were empowered to make their own decisions about the entire range of products for which the FDA has responsibility, however, then the whole rationale for the agency would cease to exist.' Dr Goldberg concludes, 'It would be a mistake to assume that it would be possible to reinvent the FDA by appointing a new commissioner. Kessler's use of power set a standard and transformed the way the FDA operates.'
July 1, 1994

The Biotechnology Revolution and Clinton-Care

September 1, 1993

Pharmaceutical Price Controls: Saving Money Today or Lives Tomorrow?

The price controls contained in the Clinton Health Care proposal will stifle the critical development of pharmaceuticals and drug therapies, which are the most cost effective health care treatments.


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