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Access to abundant, affordable energy is a key factor in economic growth, whether supplying the manufacturing plants of the 20th century or the server farms of the 21st century. Unfortunately, the federal government has placed unreasonable restrictions on domestic exploration and development, and  foreign sources are sometimes actually hostile to our own interests.

New discoveries and innovative technologies have made possible the extraction of enormous new energy resources within the United States. The U.S. possesses not only enormous natural energy resources but also the technology to extract those resources in a responsible manner.

IPI believes that the United States should become as energy self-sufficient as possible, drawing upon a diverse energy base comprised of all possible energy resources. We believe that free people operating within a free economy using voluntary risk capital will out-innovate government-directed central planning funded by taxpayer dollars. The key to energy innovation is abundant capital, a tax system that rewards rather than punishes success, an intellectual property system that allows innovators to own the fruits of their research, and a regulatory environment that balances the needs of our economy with the protection of the environment.

August 20, 2020

Calif. Should Have Been Most-Prepared...Alas, it Wasn't

California's blackouts are a preview of what would come under the Democrats' Green New Deal.

August 20, 2020

Fact-shaming Michelle Obama's DNC Speech

In her emotion-driven speech to the virtual Democratic National Convention, Obama made several claims that are at best misleading. And if the media won’t do its job in pointing out these contradictions, others have to. 

August 18, 2020

California's Blackouts a Preview of the Green New Deal

As Democrats assure us that we can quickly transition to clean energy, remember California has tried it. Now thousands are sweltering in blackouts.

June 11, 2020

Michael Moore Questions Environmentalists' Claims and They Don't Like It

Moore has raised a lot of hackles pointing out clean energy’s flaws. Sometimes truth hurts.

May 19, 2020

Government Intervention Would Hurt Energy Producers

by Tom Giovanetti, Drew Johnson

If renewable energy firms hope to gain equal footing with oil and natural gas producers, they'll need to learn how to survive economic downturns without the government coming to the rescue.

April 20, 2020

The World Can Thank President Trump for the Oil Deal

The U.S. energy industry won’t recover overnight, but the Saudi-Russian deal, brokered by Trump, may mean we will still have an energy industry to revive.

March 23, 2020

We Have the Technology to Address Climate Change & Still Use Fossil Fuels

Carbon capture is a reasonable, bipartisan climate plan that both recognizes fossil fuels’ importance for economic growth and national security, while actually reducing atmospheric carbon levels.

March 23, 2020

U.S. Department of Energy Approves Four New Liquefied Natural Gas Projects in Texas

The U.S. Department of Energy approved four liquefied natural gas export projects for construction on the Texas Gulf coast in February.

March 2, 2020

New Paper Says U.S. Close to Reaching Long-Held Goal of Energy Independence

The United States is on the verge of reaching energy independence, a goal that Congress has sought for more than four decades, according to a new paper from the Institute for Policy Innovation.

February 25, 2020

Five Turning Points in the Quest for US Energy Independence

Today, the United States is on the verge of achieving not just energy independence, but energy dominance—but not because of taxpayer-provided subsidies to alternative and renewable energies. Rather, new drilling innovations and technologies have made the U.S. the world’s largest producer of crude oil and natural gas.

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