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Economic Growth

A growing economy creates jobs, raises living standards, maintains global competitiveness, and thus engenders positive attitudes and optimism about the future.

While many policymakers seem intent on focusing on either economic stimulus or austerity, IPI believes that the economy can grow consistently and at higher rates than we’ve experienced in the last decade, and we reject the idea that economic growth contains within itself the seeds of its own demise through inflation, the business cycle, and erroneous Phillips Curve assumptions. Therefore, economic growth should be elected officials’ primary policy goal at the federal, state and local levels, and it’s the organizing principle of our policy work at IPI.

Whatever limitations may exist on economic growth, they should not be self-imposed through counterproductive tax policy, overbearing regulations, ill-conceived monetary policy, trade protectionism, or hostility toward skilled and ambitious immigration.

May 31, 2005

Merrill Matthews

March 11, 2005

Douglas Giuffre

January 14, 2005

Stephen Entin

November 15, 2004

David Tuerck

November 15, 2004

John Barrett

November 15, 2004

and Douglas Giuffre

October 7, 2004

Richard Epstein

February 12, 2002

Ernest S. Christian

October 11, 2001

Phil Kerpen

September 8, 1998

Stephen Moore


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