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November 16, 2017

Giovanetti: Passage of Tax Bill Major Step Towards "Right Kind" of Tax Reform

  Institute for Policy Innovation

DALLAS – The Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) commends the U.S. House of Representatives for passing sweeping legislation towards significant tax reform that would benefit the U.S. economy and the middle class.

“For at least the last 20 years the U.S. economy has been harmed by a tax code that is simply no longer competitive with the rest of the world, and no longer appropriate for a modern economy,” said IPI president Tom Giovanetti. “The right kind of tax reform is the single most important step the federal government can take to strengthen our economy, support working families, and make America more globally competitive. And today’s passage of the House bill is a major step toward the right kind of tax reform.”

“Tax reform is also the key to solving many of the problems President Trump ran on during his presidential campaign, including creating more jobs, keeping jobs in the U.S., bringing capital and investment back home, and restoring hope to Middle America,” said Giovanetti. “Tax reform in and of itself could make the Trump administration the most beneficial presidential administration in decades.”

“We encourage the Senate to avoid petty squabbling and work constructively with the House to accomplish significant tax reform this year.”

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