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Immigrants Getting More Help Than You Realize From White House

By Cliff Saunders

Immigrants coming to the United States are getting a free hand from the Obama Administration. And more of a free hand than you even realize.

They are apparently getting a 'Welcome Guide' that advises them about public benefits they can get. The guide is printed in 14 different languages.  Bob Price at Breitbart Texas says this is a bit over the top.

“Why fourteen? Why not 28? Why don’t we publish this in every language that’s known to Earth? This is just another example of the Obama Administration pandering to the open borders crowd,” Price explained.

The guide offers tips on how to get things like food stamps and other benefits. Merrill Matthews at the Institute for Policy Innovation says of course, you are paying for all of it.

“Taxpayers are covering those, and it may be creating other kinds of perverse incentives in the system. We are really creating a welfare safety net out there,” Matthews said.