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June 12, 1996

A Primer on Refundable Tuition Tax Credits President's Proposal Scores an "E"--Expensive!

President Clinton has proposed a 2-year, $1,500 per year refundable tuition tax credit for the first two years of post-secondary education. But for every new student drawn to postsecondary education, the President's proposal would spend $51,500. Because already today, over 62 percent of all high school graduates go to college, and because tuition rates have risen in correspondence to the increase in federal student aid, the President's proposal is at least an inefficient expenditure of taxpayer funds.

March 12, 1995

Reversing the Decline in Saving and Investment: Depreciation Reform through Neutral Cost Recovery

This is a 6-page analysis of the House Republican "Contract With America" proposal to reform business depreciation rules.

March 12, 1995

Reducing Tax Rates on the Savings of Average Americans

A 6-page analysis of the House Republican "Contract With America" proposals to expand the availability of IRAs, and to increase the unified estate tax credit.

March 1, 1995

The unKindest Cut of All--The Welfare State on Autopilot Through Current Services Budgeting

An 11-page expose of the federal budget process, where spending is compared to an inflated current services budget, rather than to last year's spending. This is how a 4.5% spending increase over the previous year can be characterized as a "draconian cut."

July 1, 1994

The Biotechnology Revolution and Clinton-Care


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