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February 20, 2013

Finally, a college student who gets it

Three cheers for Duquesne’s Julian Routh, a freshman journalism major. When it comes to criminal acts of intellectual property theft, Routh shows he gets it.

In his Duquesne Duke column, Routh writes that for those college students who illegally download music, the mindset is one of entitlement, calling the crime disrespectful to artists. Read More >>

Posted by Erin Humiston | Comments

January 30, 2013

Copyright and Innovation? No. Copyright IS innovation.

Posted by Bartlett D. Cleland | Comments

January 17, 2013

Copyright Conversation Alert at CES

Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show, several of the policy track panels discussed copyright but one panel focused on it, a panel titled "Beyond SOPA: Creating a Pro-innovation, Pro-artist Copyright Policy." Unfortunately the panel was very short on discussion as to how to create a pro-artist copyright policy. That discussion could have been quite insightful and thought provoking Read More >>

Posted by Bartlett D. Cleland | Comments

January 7, 2013

An IP lesson during breakfast

I headed out for the Consumer Electronics Show ( on Sunday morning full of anticipation, hopeful of seeing all the latest electronic gadgets and must have's for 2013. Having been involved in many capacities in technology, communications, and intellectual property policy for nearly 20 years, my head always start swimming in early January spurred by CES, which may explain why even as I was headed to the show I came across a policy lesson about intellectual property. Read More >>

Posted by Bartlett D. Cleland | Comments

October 16, 2012

Sun-Sentinel cites IPI music piracy study

Ed Komenda of the Sun-Sentinel cites IPI's music piracy study in the following article about a Delray man who says he profited from piracy for at least seven years. Thanks to global music piracy, the U.S. economy takes a $12.5 billion hit each year.

Komenda writes:

Gregory King told authorities he made a living selling pirated music for seven years - but deputies say his reign ended Saturday at the center of a Lake Worth flea market. Read More >>

Posted by Erin Humiston | Comments

October 5, 2012

Right. The Pirate Party should be admitted to WIPO. Right.

The Pirate Party tried to get accredited with WIPO as an NGO. Right.

A group that rabidly opposes intellectual property, that breaks the law and exists solely to oppose creators and innovators rights to own their creations, wants to participate in meetings of an organization that exists to further intellectual property understanding and protection.

WIPO correctly turned them aside, at least for now. Read More >>

Posted by Tom Giovanetti | Comments

October 5, 2012

What's wrong with innovators and creators having a day at WIPO?

Our rabid IP-hating friends over at KEI are up in arms because someone at WIPO dared to suggest that it might be a good idea to set aside a day where actual innovators and creators get a chance to interact with and speak with international delegates to WIPO and with WIPO staff.

Predictably, Mike Masnick over at TechDirt could be counted on to amplify and exaggerate this idea, calling it an "IP Maximalist Agenda Day," and asserting that for some reason public interest groups would be locked out of the event. Read More >>

Posted by Tom Giovanetti | Comments

October 5, 2012

An Example of How Internet Piracy Harms Creators

Over at the Huffington Post (which I hate to link to), there is a good piece about how Internet piracy harms small, independent creators, in this case an independent movie producer.

Some excerpts:

Over half of Internet users admit to pirating movies. As a result, broadcasters and distributors are paying less money for content. In fact, in the last five years dozens of major movie companies, including Paramount Vantage, Fine Line, Miramax, Bob Yari and MGM have effectively stopped making and buying films all together.


Posted by Tom Giovanetti | Comments

August 30, 2012

Hollywood Robbery

Tonight on CNBC is the premier of a new episode of Crime, Inc. entitled "Hollywood Robbery," which is all about the problem of copyright piracy.

Here's a link to the show details on the CNBC website.


Posted by Tom Giovanetti | Comments

August 23, 2012

Google Acknowledges the Piracy Problem

Posted by Tom Giovanetti | Comments

July 19, 2012

The WIPO and North Korea Matter

Posted by Tom Giovanetti | Comments

June 30, 2012

IPI presenting at Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in San Diego

Posted by Tom Giovanetti | Comments

June 13, 2012

2,000 new top level domains?

Posted by Tom Giovanetti | Comments

June 1, 2012

Next Round of Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations July 2-10, 2012

It's been announced that the next round of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations will be held in San Diego July 2-10, 2012. Read More >>

Posted by Tom Giovanetti | Comments


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