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House Judiciary Committee's Doug Collins Makes Case for Simplifying IP

Institute for Policy Innovation

At this year’s IPI World IP Day Celebration, IPI was honored to host Congressman Doug Collins, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, who called for simplifying intellectual property policy.

“We make intellectual property too hard sometimes,” he said. “We make it ethereal, it’s out there in the realm, only the experts know how to talk about it.”

“What happens is, when we actually need to make public policy on this, when we need to explain to the American public why we are doing this, or actually have their buy-in into this, then it’s hard for us to understand.”

“But the reality is all of intellectual property, no matter where you actually start, comes back to the simple idea that we’ve been teaching since kindergarten—and that is to think for yourself,” said Collins. “To find new ways. To find solutions. To find things that make a difference in people’s lives.”


“Strong intellectual property protections are not a hindrance to creativity, they are the reason for creativity. [They] are why we are the country that we are.”

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