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Entitlement Reform

Ten Short Takes from the Democratic Debates

by Merrill Matthews | 0 Comments | June 28, 2019

What did we learn from four hours of 20 Democratic presidential candidates vying for camera time and voter interest? 

1. According to the candidates, apparently the greatest existential threat to America (after Donald Trump) is the large corporations that employ millions of Americans. 

2. Several candidates want to boldly open the door to socialized medicine now; the others want to sneak it in through the back door...

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Days before welfare spending report shocker is released, IPI's Matthews warns of entitlement cliff

by Erin Humiston | 0 Comments | October 18, 2012

In the same week that IPI resident scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews warns that time is running out before the US takes a dive off an entitlement cliff, record welfare spending makes headlines.

A new memo released today by the Congressional Research Service report that welfare spending has jumped 32% in just four years, reaching $746 billion in 2011.

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