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September 29, 2006

Bush administration releases IP enforcement report

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It's a big day for piracy talk.

In addition to the U.S. Chamber's event on piracy and counterfeiting, today the Bush administration has released the "2006 Report to the President and Congress on Coordination of Intellectual Property Enforcement and Protection". It's a 168-page Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

From the press release:

Highlights of the 2006 report include:

Working with U.S. Industry and Engaging our Trading Partners
The Bush Administration is expanding STOP! (Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy) education outreach events for small and medium-sized businesses, including China-focused programs.

The Administration is expanding the website and improving online resources for innovators and industry.

Bush Administration leadership led to the development and announcement of a G8 Statement on Combating IPR Piracy and Counterfeiting.

Leadership from the Administration led to the launch of the U.S.-EU Action Strategy for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights.

The Commerce Department is continuing to expand its IP attaché program in China and positioning new regional attachés in Brazil, Russia, India, Thailand and the Middle East.

The Commerce Department and USTR are working to strengthen IP protection with Canada and Mexico as part of the Administration’s Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

USTR is utilizing the Special 301 process and other trade tools, including World Trade organization (WTO) tools as appropriate, to seek resolution of U.S. concerns regarding IP protection and enforcement.

USTR is continuing its work to strengthen IPR laws and enforcement and forge an international alliance against counterfeiting and piracy.

The Commerce Department is expanding its education and capacity building programs through the Global IP Academy located at the USPTO.

As part of STOP!, the Commerce Department is promoting IPR protection at trade fairs. These efforts include educating trade fair organizers, exhibitors, and attendees about IPR; helping U.S. businesses guard against infringement at trade fairs; and promoting IPR protection at trade fairs and pavilions that Commerce operates, certifies, or supports.

The State Department has significantly expanded training of Embassy staffs in IPR issues to increase their effectiveness as first responders to U.S. industry.

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