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July 11, 2012

Cato says Obamacare IPAB is Unconstitutional

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One of the most troublesome aspects of the Obamacare legislation is the Independent Payments Advisory Board (IPAB), which was designed to control health care costs independent of the political process. 

Wait, what?

"The Act empowers IPAB's unelected government officials to propose legislation that would automatically become law without congressional action, without meaningful congressional oversight, and without being subject to a presidential veto, administrative review, or judicial review. The Act even attempts to prevent future Congresses from repealing IPAB."

IPAB is at least unconstitutional, and even ANTI-constitutional. So says the Cato Institute in a recent paper.

We at IPI have long thought that IPAB is an enormous problem, which Dr. Matthews touched on just the other day.

Now that we are (hopefully) past the Constitutional question about the overall Obamacare legislation, perhaps it would be a good idea to start reminding ourselves about the truly terrible details of the legislation, such as refamiliarizing ourselves with IPAB.

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