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Farmers Feel Pinch from U.S.-China Trade War

On CGTN- America’s The Heat, IPI resident scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews discusses the status of the ongoing U.S.-China trade war and its harmful effect on U.S. agriculture.

In the interview, Matthews points out the billions in subsidies the Trump administration has directed to corn farmers to offset their losses.

“He’s trying to compensate for it, but these are bad approaches,” he said. “You need to get back to a trading organization where they can find markets that want to buy their products.”

Discussing how the US and China will have face-to-face talks at the G-20 summit in Argentina to address these trade issues, Matthews said the Chinese leader should take a bold step.

“President XI should do what [European Commission President] Jean-Claude Juncker did—move toward zero tariffs. That would certainly be a good start.”

Click here to watch the full interview.


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