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October 11, 2012

In Politico, Giovanetti analyzes the winner in Vice Presidential debate

  Politico's The Arena
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In Politico's The Arena, IPI president Tom Giovanetti responds to tonight's Vice Presidential debate, saying that undecided voters saw substance in Ryan, whereas Biden came across "almost as bipolar."

He writes:

To make an impact on the election Biden had to trounce Ryan. That did not come close to happening.

Remember, the only voters left in play are the undecided and those of weak political loyalty. How would such voters react to tonight's debate? In Ryan they saw someone who is sober and substantive, and in Biden they saw someone who was disrespectful, snide, constantly interrupting, and laughing and smiling at inappropriate times and topics. Indeed, Biden came across as almost bipolar, hardly able to contain himself for the first 60 minutes of the debate, and then very low energy and reserved for the final 30 minutes.

My guess is that voters who are still in play value style over substance, and in the style category, Ryan trounced Biden. Undecided voters in heartland swing states do not like the constant rudeness and disrespect Biden showed toward Ryan.

Here's what's important: The American people already know Biden and Obama. And they know they have a terrible track record. When they meet the alternative in a debate, and they find that alternative to be credible and to project confidence and leadership, they are likely to go with the alternative. That's what happened dramatically in the first presidential debate, and I think some more of that probably happened tonight.

And if Obama comes out in the second presidential debate all combative and aggressive, as he is probably being coached to do, it will backfire on him and seal the failure of his re-election campaign.

In the meantime, Biden throwing the State Department under the bus tonight will have immediate consequences. There are career people at State who will cut the Obama administration's legs out from under them on this.

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