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June 30, 2006

Last minute drama

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At the very last minute, I mean at the very last minute, at 1:38 pm, as people were packing up their bags, the Kyrgyz Republic introduced a new document which is essentially the Chairman's document incorporated into a proposal by the Kyrgyz Republic. This is a way of getting the Chairman's document into the official record and ensuring that the document will be forwarded to the WIPO General Assembly, against the stated wishes of Brazil and Argentina.

Again, this is the document that Brazil and Argentina rejected, which so many others expressed support for. But it was never an official document, and it was not going to be forwarded to the General Assembly. Until now, since it has been strategically introduced as an official document introduced by a delegation.

But no one wants to take the time to discuss it now. The interpreters have to go to lunch, and since it's the Chairman's document, everyone already knows what everyone's opinion is.

The Chairman has said three or four times that there is no need to discuss the document, and that there will be a comment period where delegations can make their comments.

Argentina asked a question of clarification, to go on the record that this document was a proposal from the Kyrgyz Republic, which the Chairman acknowledged. But since it was introduced by a delegation, Brazil and Argentina couldn't possibly reject the document because of the "spirit of inclusion."

So NOW the meeting has been gavelled to a close, and I have an afternoon free. Goodie.

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