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Matthews Lone Voice of Support for U.S. Withdrawal from Iran Deal

On a CGTN TV panel Tuesday night, IPI’s Merrill Matthews stood out as a lone voice of support for President Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear deal, emphasizing its nature as a treaty which under the Constitution must be ratified by the Senate.

“The Iran deal was never ratified in the U.S. Senate. This deal was always hanging by a thread. As a result, the president can do this,” said Matthews.

“If Barack Obama wanted to make international treaties, he needed to run it through the Senate as the Constitution requires. He did not do that because he didn’t have the support. As a result, President Trump is free to leave this agreement, and I think he did the right thing,” said Matthews.

“Donald Trump feels this was a terrible deal,” continued Matthews. “Elements that were not included in the Iran deal, such as how Iran has continued to be the lead state sponsor of terror, destabilizing a number of areas in the region, and the fact it has continued with its ballistic missiles, make the deal a missed opportunity.”

“And there was $1.7 billion handed over to Iran in cash in unmarked planes.”

Matthews offered some insight into how the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran deal could impact its relationship with China.

“China has an interest with the US making nice with North Korea,” said Matthews. “Part of that negotiation may be the U.S. suggesting to China not to increase imports of Iranian oil; the U.S. would like to increase its exports of oil to China. We will make sure that happens if you don’t go to Iran.”

Watch the full panel discussion here.

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