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October 25, 2006

News: The Future of IPBlog

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For those of you who ravenously devour the postings at IP Blog, and for those of you who only occasionally browse them, here is an important piece of news:

IP Blog is being folded into the Institute for Policy Innovation's new Policy Bytes blog, at

Policy Bytes hasn't officially been announced as of the date of this blog post. It's still got a few design and function issues to be worked out before its official debut, but we wanted IP Blog friends (and enemies) to have as much notice as possible of the upcoming change.

The new Policy Bytes blog will allow IPI to blog on all of the various policy issues on which we focus, including technology policy, intellectual property, health care, tax policy, trade policy and development, and entitlement reform.

So, for a few weeks, we will be doing parallel postings at both Policy Bytes and IP Blog, but shortly thereafter we'll be leaving IP Blog up as an archive. But all of the current IP Blog postings and comments have already been transferred to Policy Bytes, so none of the interesting and compelling discussion that has happened here will be lost (although the links will obviously be changed).

Policy Bytes will feature blog postings from not only yours truly, but also from the entire spectrum of IPI policy experts. So postings should be much more frequent (and probably more intelligent) than have been occurring on IP Blog.

Policy Bytes will also feature regular audio and video podcasts of IPI commentary and policy events. But the Policy Bytes podcast feed is also available through the Apple iTunes site here.

IF YOUR INTERESTS ARE LIMITED TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ISSUES, never fear. You won't have to sort through a bunch of blog posts that you don't care about. The intellectual property topic page of Policy Bytes is located here. And the RSS field for the intellectual property topic page is located here. And IP issues will continue to play a large role at Policy Bytes.

Each major topic area will have its own topic page and its own RSS feed. In fact, if your interests are sufficiently narrow, you can subscribe to a particular subtopic of a topic if you wish, such as WIPO issues. Or network neutrality, if that's your thing. As narrow as you want to be, or as broad as IPI goes, it's up to you.

Thanks for reading IP Blog, and I hope you'll take the time to check out a new and improved blog over at Policy Bytes.

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