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April 10, 2006

Problem of content backup

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Well, the hard drive on my Dish Network PVR crashed and died last night.

This might not strike anyone as a terribly big deal, and it certainly didn't seem to trouble Dish Network technical support. While they graciously offered to replace the unit, there is nothing anyone can do about the lost content.

The problem is, we have been using the PVR to record 2 years worth of a Spanish language curriculum that is broadcast over an educational channel, and we've been using this content to teach our son Spanish. Now the curriculum is gone. It's not like I'm just inconvenienced in not being able to watch my "24" episodes. An educational curriculum is lost.

There is no way to hook any kind of backup device to the PVR unit in order to back up this content. And since PVRs use hard drives, they are ALL going to fail, eventually.

So a lesson, and a question: Why isn't there a way to hook up a USB or Firewire backup device to PVRs and DVRs in order to backup the content? Is there an IP angle to this?

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