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April 13, 2006

Reminder about comments policy

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Well, as I'm getting flooded with comments, it's probably time for a little review of our comments policy.

Several people have been sending the very same comments entry multiple times. Let me remind you: Comments are moderated. They do not immediately show up. In fact, they don't show up at all unless I decide to allow them. So don't send it again and again just because it doesn't immediately show up.

I'm pretty generous about what I allow. However, if you make some really good points, but then say something personally insulting, or profane, or engage in name-calling, your comment won't get posted, and your really good points won't get made. So try to be temperate.

I'm under no obligation to post anyone's comments. If you don't give your real name or a real email address, you just give me an additional reason to withhold your comments.

Finally, I can choose to be completely inconsistent on these policies.

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