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February 13, 2013

Texas is #1 Exporting State -- By a Mile

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According to statistics from the Commerce Department, in 2012 Texas was the #1 exporting state in the country--and by a mile, too:

  • Texas total exports for 2012 were $265.4bn compared to #2 California with $161.7bn
  • Top destinations for Texas exports in 2012: Mexico ($94.8bn); Canada ($23.7bn); China ($10.3bn); Brazil ($10.0bn);  Netherlands ($9.5bn); South Korea ($7.8bn); Venezuela ($6.9bn); Singapore ($6.3); Colombia ($5.6bn); Japan ($4.7bn)
  •  Texas' top exporting industry segments for 2012: Petroleum and Coal Product ($57.2bn); Chemicals ($47.0); Computer and Electronic Products ($45.2); Machinery, except electrical ($29.4); Transportation Equipment ($25.2); Electrical Equipment, Appliances and Components ($9.2); Fabricated Metal Products ($9.0); Primary Metal Manufacturing ($7.9); Food and Kindred Products ($5.4);  Oil and Gas ($5.3); Plastics and Rubber Products ($4.3); Agricultural Products ($4.3)  

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